Merck Health Matters was designed to bring not only medical information to veterinarians from experts in their fields, but to help veterinarians translate that information to educate their horse-owning clients. And studies have shown that better communication results in better compliance and more loyal clients.

Merck Health Matters features short videos by experts who talk you through the topics in such a way as to help you transfer that knowledge to clients. There are client resources designed for you to download and hand out, such as infographics. There are links to peer-reviewed research papers if you want to delve more in-depth into a topic as well as links to other industry resources. There are audio files (MP3s) of the videos that allow you to download them or click on them from your mobile device and listen to the recording of the video. There are transcripts of the videos that you can read online or download for reading at your leisure.

Videos Offered by Merck Health Matters

Merck Health Matters – Parasites


Wendy Vaala, VMD, DACVIM, Associate Director Life Cycle Management – Equine, Merck Animal Health, offers tips to equine veterinarians on how to manage clients and their horses in regard to equine parasites.
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Merck Health Matters – Immunology


Immunology: David Horohov, PhD, chair of the Department of Veterinary Science and director of the Gluck Equine Research Center
Dr. Horohov said that when discussing vaccinations with your clients, it’s wise to communicate that a strong immune system means a healthier horse.
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Merck Health Matters - Geriatrics


Geriatrics: Lois Toll, DVM, Littleton Equine Medical Center, Colorado
Dr. Toll considers the aging horse as a unique client, and she wants to help you understand how to convey your recommendations for care in a way to get owner compliance.
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Merck Health Matters - Biosecurity


Biosecurity: Fairfield Bain, DVM, MBA, DACVIM, DACVP, DAVECC (Merck Equine Technical Services Veterinarian)
Dr. Bain discusses biosecurity to help veterinarians, techs and vet staff better communicate biosecurity concerns and solutions with clients. 
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Merck Health Matters - Influenza


Equine Influenza: Bryant Craig, DVM (Merck Equine Technical Services Veterinarian)
Dr. Craig offers veterinary professionals some communication tips for talking to clients when discussing vaccinations, immunology and equine influenza.
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Merck EPM Round Table | 2015 AAEP Convention


We invite you to sit in while a panel of experts discusses EPM in a closed setting during the 2015 AAEP Convention. This EPM Round Table was designed to bring to light the state-of-the-industry in understanding the disease, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The EPM Round Table is brought to you from EquiManagement and is sponsored by Merck Animal Health.
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Other Resources

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