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Below and in the linked PDF you can find product news and deals for equine veterinarians and practices.
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EquiManagement is featuring a special advertising section from our top partners. You can open, read or download to keep this PDF of Resources reprinted from the winter EquiManagement magazine. Each listing in the PDF is linked to the advertiser's website for ease of research. 


Below we also list each advertiser with contact information to make it easier to find out more about the products and services these companies offer to equine veterinarians.

Gastric Support Just Got Easier

ADM and forage first logos
ADM Forage First bag

To help support equine gastric health, ADM Animal Nutrition is proud to offer Forage First® GS! Utilizing a proprietary mineral complex of marine-derived calcium and magnesium in a unique honeycomb structure; lecithin, a naturally-occurring phospholipid that can interact with the gastric mucosa, helping strengthen the lining of the stomach at the cellular level; and pectin, derived from chicory root, a water-soluble fiber that can form a gel inside the gastrointestinal tract increasing viscosity. Higher viscosity of stomach content slows rate of passage, which may help protect the mucosa from hydrochloric acid. This supplement is designed to support a healthy gastric pH while helping protect and strengthen gastric mucosa. ADM Animal Nutrition. ADMequine.com; 800-680-8254; contact Mike Barrett at Michael.barrett@adm.com.

Avanti Equine Veterinary Partners

Avanti logo color
Avanti horse head image

Your equine veterinary practice matters. Avanti is committed to you and your practice in 2020. Together, we help you connect with a community of veterinarians you can trust and with whom you can grow. These connections “expand the footprint and establish a network of veterinarians, technicians and support personnel in a cohesive team” (Joe Johnson, Avanti equity partner). Our vision is that through linking arms, we can preserve our equine veterinary industry and help it flourish. We believe in building together a legacy built on mentorship, trust, growth and fellowship. Learn more about Avanti’s invitation to partnership by contacting Dr. Andrew Clark at aclark@avantiequine.com; 828-351-6433; or avantiequine.com.

Dream It/Design It/ Build It

Animal Arts logo
Tryon Equine Hospital workup arena Animal Arts

If you’ve been dreaming of turning your ambulatory practice into a brick-and-mortar hospital or expanding your current hospital to better serve your clients, we’re here to help you design and build your dream facility. Animal Arts has a 40-year history designing spaces for the care and shelter of animals. We understand the unique needs of equine and mixed-use veterinary hospitals. Our designs reduce stress for equine patients and create safe working environments for staff. We have provided Master Planning and Architectural Design for numerous equine veterinary practices, including the 2016 dvm360/Veterinary Economics award-winning Tryon Equine Hospital. Visit us at animalarts.com.

DICOM Image Sharing Made Easy & Secure

Endoscopy Support Services logo
Endoscopy Support Services Cloud End

Do you want to compare your patient’s images from all modalities simultaneously? Do you want to view your studies and do your post-processing from home? Do you want to share your images with a colleague and/or specialist and concurrently view? With CloudEndo, you can store and view images from all modalities in one easy-to-access portal and compare images side by side. You can do measurements and annotations from anywhere you have internet access. You pay one flat fee per study with no hidden access or annual fees. Contact the ESS Sales Department at sales@endoscopy.com; 845-277-1700; Fax: 845-277-7300. Visit the Endoscopy Support Services website.

Fast, Reliable Results with a Team Ready to Answer Your Questions

Equine Diagnostic Solutions logo
EDS resources pipetting in PCR hood

Equine Diagnostic Solutions (EDS) is an equine infectious disease specialty testing laboratory. We provide rapid and accurate results to help veterinarians better diagnose infectious diseases and reduce the medical and economic impact of a potential outbreak. Visit our website, equinediagnosticsolutions.com, to learn more about our neurologic, respiratory, and GI tests and panels. Contact us at 859-288-5255 or lab@edslabky.com.

The Gold Standard

Equinosis Q Lameness Locator logo
Equinosis-Q Tablet with report

The Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator (“The Q”) is the gold standard for field-based lameness measurement. The Q is used in over 35 countries and 75 universities, including over 90% of North American veterinary schools. Instrumentation is less than three minutes. Three 1-ounce weatherproof, wireless inertial sensors transmit real-time data to The Q tablet computer, providing instantaneous measurements and data analysis with submillimeter precision. Invented by Dr. Kevin Keegan, Professor of Equine Surgery at the University of Missouri, The Q is used by more researchers in peer-reviewed veterinary journal locomotion studies than all other objective methods. Contact us at inquiries@equinosis.com or 855 4LAMENESS (855-462-6363); visit Equinosis.com

Let’s Work Together

Equithrive logo
Equithrive photo for Resources

If you believe in nutritional products backed by scientific research and clinical trials, look no further. Equithrive is the company you can trust to support the health and performance of your clients’ horses. 

Our proprietary resveratrol ingredient, Resverasyn®, is clinically proven to support healthy inflammatory response and free radical levels in horses, as well as optimum metabolic function. Developed with care. Backed by science. That’s Equithrive. 

Enroll in the Equithrive Veterinarian Incentive Program (VIP), exclusive to equine practitioners, for wholesale pricing and referral rewards. Get started today at equithrive.com/pages/ veterinarians. Contact John Wilkinson at john@thriveah.com or call 866-721-1412; visit equithrive.com.

Equine-Specific Bandages

The Franklin-Williams Company logo
Franklin Williams CombiRoll cropped

Franklin-Williams is a pioneer in the development of bandage products designed specifically for equine use. 

The company’s products are available as individual, ready-to-use sterile (SteriRoll) and non-sterile (RediRoll) bandages, securely packaged to maintain integrity and provide a professional-looking product for dispensing to a client. 

The products are provided in 8-, 12-, 14-, 16- and 18-inch widths. 

The manufacturing and distribution of these products is the company’s only business. Franklin-Williams also offers CombiRoll and the EquiWrap Trauma Kit. 

Visit us at franklinwilliams.com or call 800-556-8517.

Affordable MRI Is Within Reach

Hallmarq logo
Hallmarq Bell equine

Backed by Hallmarq Q-Care, you can reach profitability with just five cases per month. Our unique pay-as-you-go model accounts for season-ality, reducing your upfront costs and financial risk. Moreover, Hallmarq standing MRI allows you to bring all the benefits of MRI to your practice without the hassle and need for general an-esthesia. Standing MRI is the gold standard for imaging quickly, safely and conveniently. Contact Miranda Schroeder at info@hallmarq.net; 978-266-1201; visit hallmarq.net.

Who Is IMV imaging?

imv imaging logo
IMV imaging vet adjusting settings

Formerly known as BCF Technology and ECM (Echo Control Medical), IMV imaging is the dedicated veterinary diagnostic imaging division within the IMV Technologies group. We have over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing veterinary ultrasound equipment. Why Choose IMV imaging? We have been manufacturing and supplying veterinary-specific ultrasound, X-ray, CT/MRI and PACS to the equine industry for over 20 years and are market leaders in the UK, Ireland and South Africa. We don’t just sell a system; we build long-term relationships to support you clinically and technically to help you get the most from your equipment. U.S. contact: hello@imv-imaging.com; 507-529-8200 or 800-210-9665. GB office Scotland: +44 (0) 1506 460 023. 

A Synergistic Blend of Polyphenols and Amino Acids That Support Normal Metabolic Function and Healthy Insulin Levels

KPP logo
KPP InsulinWise

The proprietary ingredients in InsulinWise are research-proven to support lower insulin levels and increase adiponectin concentrations in EMS horses. Maintaining normal levels of these hormones and decreasing insulin dysregulation can provide a clinical benefit by reducing the risk of laminitis. 

Supplementation is recommended for horses diagnosed with insulin dysregulation; that are at risk for developing insulin dysregulation because of lifestyle or breeding; with a history of laminitis related to obesity or metabolic syndrome; or that are suffering from pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID) and are also insulin resistant. 

To learn more and review research, visit KPPvet.com or call 800-772-1988.

Merck Animal Health

Merck and EquiManagement EPM Round Table promo image
Merck product group

Merck Animal Health works for you—and for horses. 

Backed by more than 70 years of innovation, the equine portfolio is known for its quality and safety, featuring the Prestige® line of vaccines, with updated influenza strains, and trusted pharmaceuticals like Panacur® (fenbendazole), Banamine® (flunixin meglumine), Regu-Mate® (altrenogest) and Protazil® (1.56% diclazuril) antiprotozoal pellets. 

To learn more, visit merck-animal-health-equine.com.

Cosequin Joint Health Supplements

Cosequin joint health logo Nutramax
Cosequin ASU pellets bag

Cosequin® has the right formulation for your horse’s joint health needs. The formulas are designed to provide different levels of support. Cosequin® ASU is a joint health supplement, now available in a tasty pellet, that contains scientifically researched and exclusive trademarked ingredients. The combination of our trade-marked FCHG49® Glucosamine and TRH122® Chondroitin Sulfate plus NMX1000® Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU) has been shown in cell culture studies to be more effective in reducing the breakdown of cartilage than glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate alone. With MSM and Boswellia included, Cosequin® ASU Pellets provide a winning combination of bioavailable ingredients to support your horse’s joints. Email us at contactus@nutramaxlabs.com; call 888-866-6442; or visit CosequinEquine.com

Vetray Technology by Sedecal 

Vet-Ray Sedecal logo
Vet-Ray Sedecal WEPX

WEPX-V10 is the best digital imaging system for equine. The original EPX was a game changer, and today, with wireless technology, you need more imaging time, easy carry and use. Operates for 12+ hours of continues use. Briefcase design makes the WEPX the easiest-to-carry system. The Vivix 10 x 12 ruggedized detector has slim edge technology for easy positioning. Movable handle adds to ease and accurate positioning placement. The Windows Surface Pro operates as a notebook with a keyboard or tablet, a glove-friendly touch screen, and an ultra-bright screen for use in any light. Call 844-48308729 for a free live demo! Contact Emery Shelley at eshelley@sedecalusa.com; 800-920-9525; fax 847-394-6966; or visit vetray.com.

Shank’s Veterinary Equipment Inc.

Shank's logo
Shank's table cylinder base

Shank’s Veterinary Equipment Inc. was founded in 1957 on the principles of producing quality, versatile and affordable surgery tables for the large animal veterinarian. Over the years, Shank’s has developed other tables, equipment and ancillary products that can be utilized for transportation, examination, imaging, surgery and necropsy of large animals. Notable products include the Shank’s® Dorsal/Lateral Equine Table, Shank’s® Floor Model Surgery Table, Shank’s® Large Animal MRI Table, Shank’s® Looped Hobble Set and the Shank’s® Recovery Hood. The company has equipment in over 30 countries and in over 145 U.S. and international universities and zoological facilities. Contact Jennifer Dettman at info@shanksvet.com; 815-225-7700; fax 815-225-5130; or visit shanksvet.com.

Making Strides in Joint Research

SmartPak logo color
SmartStride Ultra Pellets SmartPak

SmartStride™ Ultra represents the next generation of joint support for horses. This supplement offers revolutionary and new ingredients such as turmeric and resveratrol for supporting a normal response to inflammation plus a proprietary form of boron for maintaining bone health. It also contains the “tried and true” ingredients glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and HA for joint health, as well as collagen and silica for resilient tendons and ligaments. In a recent university study, this cutting-edge formula was shown to support joint health, including significantly increasing range of motion of the hock at the walk with a tendency toward increasing range of motion in the hock at the trot. Learn more at SmartPak.com/SmartStrideUltra. Contact Kelcie Griffith at kdunne@smartpak.com; 800-461-8898; or visit SmartPak.com.

Soft-Ride Deep Gel Equine Comfort Boots

Soft-Ride logo
Soft-Ride ice boot

Soft-Ride is committed to providing innovative products to improve the well-being of horses. Soft-Ride Deep Gel Equine Comfort Boots include premium gel orthotics and can be used with or without shoes. 

The deep gel orthotic improves circulation in the hoof, provides stress relief and lessens fatigue while transporting, in the stall or after a workout. 

Soft-Ride also offers options for horses with medical conditions. Ice Spa envelopes the horse’s leg from knee to hoof in therapeutic ice slurry. 

SoftRiders are new, center-load-ing shoes that feature a two-layer construction that increases blood flow to the hoof, reduces strain on the coffin bone and pressure on the navicular region, and isolates the concussive force of impact with the ground. 

Contact us at 800-763-8743 or 281-334-2576, or visit SoftRideBoots.com.

Equine Veterinary Imaging Leader

Sound logo
Sound product montage

SOUND® is the global equine veterinary imaging leader and most trusted source for digital X-ray, ultrasound systems and education, PACS, advanced imaging tools and imaging support. As a division of VCA (Veterinary Centers of America), we are part of a mission to make a better world for animals. We take this mission very seriously. Contact Scott Giebler at insidesales@soundvet.com; 800-268-5354; or visit equine.soundvet.com.

A Natural Way to Disguise Medications to Horses

Standlee forage girl

Giving horses medication shouldn’t be a battle. With the unique structure and function of the horse’s digestive system being suited for forage, Standlee Horse Pill Carriers were formulated by an equine nutritionist with medication delivery in mind. This alfalfa-based, hollow, pill-holding design assures medication delivery. They are naturally flavored with ground fenugreek, a top flavor chosen by horses. Equine practitioners have praised this technology that offers a convenient way to disguise common prescription medications that are given to horses. Help horse owners and clients alleviate medication delivery struggles with Standlee Premium Western Forage® Horse Pill Carriers®! For Standlee Western Forage customer service inquiries, please call 800-398-0819 or email customerservice@standleeforage.com.

Over 45 Years of Imaging Innovation, Commitment and Trust

Universal Imaging logo
Universal Imaging Stalo

Veterinary practitioners depend on us not only for the right imaging equipment, but to ensure the equipment always performs to its full potential. That means ensuring that everyone in your practice who should know how to use it does know how to use it. 

Our commitment to training, education and personal attention has been who we are for over 45 years. 

The new Stalo Digital X-ray is a compete ambulatory digital X-ray system. Your picture-perfect, no-compromise solution. 

Contact us for a virtual demo or schedule a visit to experience any equipment firsthand with one of your patients. Contact Richard Brunelli at sales@universalimaginginc.com; 914-666-6200; 800-842-0607; fax 914-666-2454; or visit UniversalImagingInc.com.  

Disease Du Jour Podcast

EEE webinar long screen capture

EquiManagement’s Disease Du Jour podcast series was created for equine veterinarians, vet students, vet techs and industry professionals. The podcast mostly focuses on equine health subjects, but it also covers topics of importance to the equine veterinary industry and individual veterinarians. The 2020 season of the Disease Du Jour podcast is brought to you by Merck Animal Health. You can listen to the Disease Du Jour podcast on EquiManagement.com or your favorite podcast network. Some podcasts have bonus webinars on EquiManagement.com.



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