Salivary Antibody Test for Equine Tapeworms Available through Horsemen’s Laboratory


Horsemen’s Laboratory is excited to announce that we have received our first shipment of EquiSal Test Kits, and they are now available for purchase. The cost is $42 per test or $40 each if you purchase 2-5 tests and $38 each if you purchase 6 or more tests. It is recommended the test be conducted two times a year.

We have a limited supply, so if you are interested in purchasing the New EquiSal Test, please call Horsemen’s Laboratory today at 800-544-0599 or visit our blog

We are working closely with Dr. Corrine Austin and Austin Davis Biologics Ltd., in Great Britain to provide the new EquiSal test for tapeworms to our clients here in the USA. EquiSal is the new antibody test for detecting tapeworms in horses using a salivary sample. For more information about EquiSal go to

If you have additional questions about your horse’s worm control program or deworming medications, Horsemen’s Laboratory recommends you consult your veterinarian, sign up for Horsemen’s Laboratory consulting service at, or call 800-544-0599.

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