EquiManagement Magazine Fall 2021

You can read or download a complete PDF of the EquiManagement Fall 2021 magazine from a link in this article.

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The Fall issue EquiManagement magazine contains everything from research reports, to articles designed to help vets engage owners and staff, to new building standards for veterinary clinics and hospitals. You can click on the link below to download an entire PDF of the issue.

Don’t forget that each ad in the magazine PDF is linked to make it easy for you to get more information from a company or about a product! Make sure you “click on through” to get more information from the companies that support the equine veterinary industry!


In the Fall Issue

Following are the page numbers, article headlines and information about the article, and author for content in the Fall 2021 issue of EquiManagement magazine.

4 Publisher’s Points: We’ve Got It Covered By Kimberly S. Brown

6 Keeping Up By Nancy S. Loving, DVM

  • Neonatal Diarrhea
  • Uveitis—A New Paradigm
  • Concern About Colic with Ocular Atropine

14 Business Briefs: Keeping Teams Engaged By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA Brought to you by CareCredit

16 Vaccination: Vet to Owner—Here are ways for vets to help horse owners better care for their horses through appropriate vaccination. By Nancy S. Loving, DVM Brought to you by Boehringer Ingelheim

25 Equine Dentistry Update—Modern equine dentistry has advanced the veterinarian’s ability to address dental issues in a safe and humane manner. By Nancy S. Loving, DVM

36 EPM Update from VMX—New information on EPM was present­ed at the VMX by Dr. Nicola Pusterla. By Nancy S. Loving, DVM Brought to you by Merck Animal Health

38 EMS and Adipose Tissue—Researchers encouraged owner edu­cation about unhealthy obese adipose tissue. By Nancy S. Loving, DVM

40 Creating the Perfect Internship Program—New graduates expect to work hard in an internship, but in return they expect to learn a plethora of skills under the guidance of experienced veterinary mentors. By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA

48 Pluck, Poke or Purge? Diagnosing Dermal Lesions in Horses—What’s your go-to tool for diagnosing equine lumps and bumps? By Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc

54 Building Vet-Farrier Relationships—When veterinarians and farriers find common ground and develop good communication, the horses and clients they serve will benefit. By Katie Navarra

60 Veterinary Best Building Practices—Here are basic standards for building the areas in your veterinary facility. By Heather Lewis, AIA, NCARB

66 Training Owners To Keep You Safe—Educate and train clients to handle horses in ways that keep vets safe. By Colleen Best, DVM, PhD, BSCH

70 Research Spotlight: Effects of the Microbiome—Researchers stated that the microbi­ome might be a metabolic organ with significant effects on equine behavior. By Nancy S. Loving, DVM


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