EquiManagement Magazine Winter 2020
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In this Winter 2020 issue of EquiManagement magazine we introduce a new feature—every ad is linked to the company! That’s right! We’ve made it easier to click and get more information for your favorite companies, products or services.


Here are highlights from this issue with page numbers:

4 Publisher’s Points

6 Keeping Up

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma to Treat Infectious Arthritis
  • Feed Hay Before Concentrate to Control Inflammation
  • Influenza Vaccine Efficacy
  • EIV Immunization Prior to Importation

14 Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Equine Practice

Here are the results of a follow-up survey to EquiManagement’s spring query to equine practitioners about the effects of the pandemic on them and their practices. Brought to you by Merck Animal Health

19 Business Briefs: What Is a P&L Statement?

P&L reports provide a lot of information about the operations of a business and ways to improve its profitability.

22 Veterinary School Update

We took the pulse of where veterinary education is and what the prospects are for future equine veterinarians.

38 Feeding Metabolic and ‘Easy Keeper’ Horses

Here are tips for veterinarians so you can better advise horse owners about feeding these nutritionally at-risk equids. Brought to you by ADM Animal Nutrition

42 How to Embrace and Leverage Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is incredibly powerful and can help you release yourself from the fear that comes along with failure.

50 One Horse, Many Partners

Navigating relationships with clients and other professionals can prove to be more challenging than diagnosing and treating a horse.

56 Research Spotlight: Honey for Wounds

Honey used should be medical grade, which is filtered, gamma-irradiated and produced with controlled standards of hygiene.

60 Helping Horse Owners Understand Gastric Issues

Veterinarians as trained observers can help horse owners recognize stressful situations in individual horses and offer advice on how to counteract these problems. Brought to you by ADM Animal Nutrition

64 Here are 10 Tax Write-Offs for Your Business

Overlooked tax savings opportunities often occur because a business owner hasn’t engaged in true tax planning.

76 What We Learned from COVID-19

Equine veterinary design ideas that work better!

79 Joint Therapies

Here are summaries of an exhaustive literature review of evidence-based research studies on joint therapies. Brought to you by Covetrus

80 Managing Uncertainty in a Certainty-Driven World

Learn to help clients find good outcomes for their horses using the tips in this article.

86 What Resilient Practitioners Know and Do

Understand how you can become more resilient and avoid burnout.

90 Recognizing and Preventing Bullying at Work

Be proactive to prevent bullying in your workplace and have a system in place where employees can easily report being bullied.

93 Exit Strategies for Solo Practitioners

Prepare throughout your career to profitably and happily exit your practice life.

96 Ad Index

68 RESOURCES: Special Advertising Section

Learn more about these products and services available to veterinarians and practices.



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