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The Fall issue of EquiManagement magazine has everything from horse health, to a warning about diseases illegally imported horses are carrying throughout the United States, to improving your equine veterinary practice’s efficiency. Each advertisement is linked so you can easily investigate products and services.


In This Issue

4 Publisher’s Points: Changes, They Are a-Comin’  By Kimberly S. Brown
Equine veterinary medicine and practice are changing.

6 Keeping Up By Nancy S. Loving, DVM
• Reproductive Effects of Endocrinopathies
• Abdominal Fluid Interpretation in Colic
• Acetominophen for Lameness
• Platelet Lysate with Antimicrobial Actions
• Fecal Water Syndrome

24 Business Briefs: Being a Better Leader By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Collaborative, thoughtful leadership that values followers’ ideas and needs will always be more successful than an autocratic approach. Brought to you by CareCredit

25 Regenerative Medicine in Equine Practice: Beyond Stem Cells By Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc
The future of regenerative medicine is almost limitless. Learn what’s new in this field.

38 Improving Your Practice’s Efficiency By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Adopting new ways of practicing can improve time management and contribute to a vet’s quality of life.

46 White Line Disease By Nancy S. Loving, DVM
Horses can develop white line disease in moist or dry conditions; prompt veterinary and farrier care is needed.

52 Cybersecurity for Equine Veterinarians By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
While big corporations are often victims of malware, veterinary practices are vulnerable, too.

58 Lean on Me By Katie Navarra
When the number of emergencies gets overwhelming, consider joining a co-op to share the burden.

65 Update on Piroplasmosis and EIA By Nancy S. Loving, DVM
Equine piroplasmosis and equine infectious anemia (EIA) are both blood-borne diseases that often have a human involved in the spread.

72 Healthier Equine Hospitals By Heather E. Lewis, AIA, NCARB, AAA
Strive to improve quality, starting with moisture mitigation

78 Foundations for Success By Nancy S. Loving, DVM
These summaries from the 2021 AAEP Convention cover topics too good to miss!

84 The Power of Curiosity By Colleen Best, DVM, PhD
Curiosity can open doors to others—and ourselves—and give us space to better address stressful situations.

89 Slow Feeders By Nancy S. Loving, DVM
A great option for overweight horses, systems that regulate feed intake offer many benefits.

93 Research Spotlight: Cannabidiol By Nancy S. Loving, DVM
In this Research Spotlight, we will cover several research studies using CBD in a variety of equine cases.

96 Ad Index

Special Advertising Section

10 Butterfly Ultrasound Resource Library
Don’t miss ultrasound education from Dr. Cooper Williams available on EquiManagement.com.


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