Cargill Unveils Preventive Offering to Help Animal Producers Manage Mycotoxin Risk

Cargill is tackling possible mycotoxin contamination before it can start through the launch of Notox online, a unique, multi-species global positioning system that gives subscribers critical data to predict and prevent potential challenges caused by mold.

Based on the largest and most comprehensive contamination pattern database in the world, Notox online enables producers to assess the extent of the true mycotoxin challenge faced for different species in minutes. Reports show real-time local data on high risk ingredient contamination per region, point to the best countries from which to source raw materials and generally help producers to develop well informed risk mitigation strategies. The system also can be customized to include producers’ own data.

Research has shown that contamination of feed with mycotoxins costs producers $5 billion in the U.S. and Canada alone.* Mycotoxin contamination is very difficult to trace and measure, and the usual practice of using anti-mycotoxin agents as a preventative measure is a costly approach that has no guarantee of success.

“Our new service enables our customers to take timely control of any potential threat for a very reasonable cost of less than $0.6 per metric ton,” said Scott Ainslie, vice president, strategic marketing and technology at Cargill Animal Nutrition. “When used in conjunction with our Notox feed solution the cost savings can be as high as $1.5 per metric ton.” ***

The Notox online service initially will launch in Central America, South Africa, China, the Philippines and Thailand. It will be available in additional countries in 2017. **

*Source; FAO, 2015

** Notoxonline is not available worldwide. Contact local Cargill offices for more information.

*** Available Notox feed solutions depends on the country. Contact local Cargill office for more information.

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