Sox For Horses Inc. Gains Pan-Asian Presence Thanks to Japanese FEI Veterinarian Dr. Momoko Ito

“I have tested your socks on four different horses and they went very well. More so than I expected, actually. I would like to order 10 of each of your Silver Whinnys and I would like to become your dealer,” FEI equine veterinarian Dr. Momoko Ito of Japan told Sox For Horses Inc. president Raymond Petterson.

Dr. Ito, who is originally from Detroit, Michigan, is one of only 28 equine veterinarians recognized by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) to represent Japan. She has been featured for her work with Japan’s sport horses on Nagoya TV and is chief executive officer at Equicure, Co., Ltd. of Toyota, Aichi, which offers equine medical and dental services.

“Also, is it possible to order larger sizes? I have a client that has a chronic infection on the hind leg and since it is swollen, I will need larger size socks. And for hocks, too,” she said to Petterson, founder and creator of Sox For Horses Inc., after seeing a demo model pairing SFH Silver Whinnys with the Hock Shield by Click Horse Products, at the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners (FAEP) convention in Ocala, Florida.

It’s only been a month since these two great names in equine leg protection–Sox For Horses Inc., makers of Silver Whinnys and Whinny Warmers pull-up equine leg wear and Click Horse Products Inc., makers of the Hock Shield–teamed up to give veterinarians and horse owners a safe combined option in caring for hock sores and other leg and joint injuries and it’s already rewarded both American companies with Pan-Asian interest.

A 16-page booklet outlining Sox For Horses products and their use, plus real-life success stories with Before and After photos, was launched at the FAEP 53rd Annual Ocala Equine Conference. Learn more about Sox For Horses Inc. American-made products, featuring Summer Whinnys and Silver Whinnys equine leg wear designs helping owners better help their equines since 2007, at or call 850-907-5724.

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