British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA)
horses in field sunset
BEVA Warns Against the Use of Unvalidated Equine Genetic Tests for PSSM2, MFM and MIM
EVJ Editorial Underlines Why it’s Vital to Revert to Bi-Annual Flu Boosters 
Beware the Seasonal Risk of Grazing Horses Around Oaks and Sycamores Says BEVA
Horse racing
Tongue Ties Do Not Widen the Upper Airways in Racehorses
An Epidemiological Overview of the Equine Influenza Epidemic in Great Britain During 2019
BEVA Appoints New President
hoof anatomy
Navicular Bone Radiographic Study
feet and legs of several horses
Research into Radiographic Changes of the Equine Proximal Third Metatarsal Bone
Veterinary doctor relief Ukraine
British Veterinary Professionals for Ukraine
Dr. Huw Griffiths BEVA president 2021-20222
Dr. Huw Griffiths Appointed New BEVA President
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Donkey in South Carolina Positive for EHV
Dressage rider horse outside
Disease Spread From Horse Shows
Shot of a young veterinarian putting a bandage on a horse on a farm
AAEP Wellness Coverage: Incorporating 9 Dimensions of Wellness into an Equine Internship to Avoid Burnout  
Tablets Pills Horse
Using the Right Meds to Manage Chronic Pain in Horses

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