Potomac Horse Fever

Potomac Horse Fever in Washington
The affected horse lives in Clark County.
Potomac Horse Fever Case in Tennessee
A 6-year-old Gypsy gelding was confirmed positive for Potomac horse fever in Tennessee on August 16.
Potomac Horse Fever Confirmed in Virginia
A horse in Fairfax County, Virginia, was confirmed positive for Potomac horse fever.
Tennessee Horse Positive for Potomac Horse Fever
A Tennessee Walking Horse mare in Wayne County, Tennessee, tested positive for Potomac horse fever.
Two Potomac Horse Fever Cases in Tennessee
The affected horses resided on private facilities in DeKalb and Rutherford counties.
Immunogenicity of Equine Potomac Horse Fever Vaccine Co-Administered with Rabies Vaccine
When using PHF vaccine in endemic areas, the authors recom­mend using the monovalent form to maximize the immunologic response as much as possible.
Norfolk and Worcester Counties Massachusetts map
Two Massachusetts Horses Test Positive for Potomac Horse Fever
The Massachusetts State Veterinary Office confirmed cases of Potomac horse fever in Worcester and Norfolk Counties.
Virginia Albemarle County
Potomac Horse Fever in Virginia Mare
Four horses were confirmed positive in Albemarle, Virginia, with one euthanized and the rest under veterinary care.
Potomac Horse Fever in Tennessee and Massachusetts
Three horses in Tennessee and one in Massachusetts were confirmed with Potomac horse fever in July 2021.
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