The Business of Practice: Creating Healthier Practice Spaces

Animal Arts architect Heather Lewis, AIA, NCARB, helps veterinarians understand what have we learned about vet practice spaces from the pandemic experience.
Tryon Equine Hospital lighting

Equine veterinary facilities should have good ventilation, lighting and be cost-efficient.

An article Animal Arts architect Heather Lewis, AIA, NCARB, wrote for EquiManagement in 2020 said: “I challenge myself and the veterinarians with whom I work to consider the changes to practice in 2020 that might be a benefit to future business. Equine veterinary practice is innovating in ways that reduce the costs of physical facilities and improve the quality of care. That is the opportunity we have been afforded in this year of change.”

Read the episode transcript here.

In episode 6 of The Business of Practice podcast, we visit with Lewis about changes in her recommendations of how equine veterinarians should build or remodel their practice facilities to better benefit future business.

In the episode Lewis said, "Change is hard, and we have had to do a lot of changes this year...and not all are bad."

Topics covered included:

  • Combo indoor/outdoor environments
  • Air flow and quality
  • Indoor Environments
  • Rethinking biosecurity
  • Redesign with little effort and not a lot of cost

Lewis is a principal of Animal Arts architecture firm that works globally in the animal industry. Animal Arts designs small general practice veterinary hospitals, expansive specialty emergency practices, and equine and large animal hospitals. The experts at Animal Arts believe that just as the environment influences animal wellness, that environment also impacts how you, your staff and your clients feel and perform.

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