61 Minutes: AAEP's 2014 Business News Hour

Business education from the 2014 AAEP Convention sponsored by Zoetis

Credit: Thinkstock Wild horses were one of the welfare issues that will have to be addressed by the veterinary industry. undefined

During the 2014 AAEP Convention, Drs. Chuck Johnson, Mike Pownall and Marybeth Whitcomb presented highlights from the year during the “61 Minutes” business session.

Included in the highlights were the welfare topics of wild horses and people afraid of taking their vacation time.

The group also discussed the newly released 2012 Census of Agriculture numbers, industry outreach to get more people involved in the horse industry, and legislation that affects veterinarians and the veterinary industry.

The group also reported on a BEVA study showing that veterinarians have the most dangerous civilian professions in the United Kingdom.

The sobering topic of vet student debt was addressed, including information from the AVMA’s 2014 Economic Study.

To read more about these topics and get more information from the 61 Minutes presentation, please click on the link below to read the complete article. This information has not been published elsewhere, and is brought to you by Zoetis.

61 Minutes: AAEP’s Business News Hour

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