Disease Du Jour Podcast

Merck Animal Health is partnering with EquiManagement to sponsor the Disease Du Jour podcast series for equine veterinarians, vet students, vet techs and industry professionals. The podcast was launched in 2019 and has received rave reviews for its content focused on education for the equine veterinary industry. Listen to podcasts here or on your favorite podcast network.

Podcast Episodes

thin horse in field
Disease Du Jour: Feeding the Thin or Rescued Horse
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bucking horse from back
Disease Du Jour: Equine Degenerative Myeloencephalopathy (EDM)
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restricted access sign on barn door quarantine
Disease Du Jour: Equine Herpesvirus Refresher
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DDJ Hock Injury
Disease Du Jour: Lacerations Over Joints in Field Settings
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Disease Du Jour: Vesicular Stomatitis
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horse vet stethoscope
Disease Du Jour: Equine Asthma
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large foal in field
Disease Du Jour: Equine Wobblers Syndrome
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bucking chestnut English rider
Disease Du Jour: Kissing Spines in Equines
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feet hooves horses running
Disease Du Jour: Negative Palmar Angle in Horses
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sick horse stall low light
Disease Du Jour: The Inappetent Horse
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