Diagnosing Desmitis of the Origin of the Suspensory Ligament

A new article published in Equine Veterinary Education and based on research from the University of Edenburgh looked at desmitis in the origin of the suspensory ligament and the difficulties in diagnosing this injury in sport horses.

The article, titled “Diagnosing desmitis of the origin of the suspensory ligament,” can be found in the online library of Wiley.com and is available online for rent or purchase.


Desmitis of the origin of the suspensory ligament is a common injury of sport horses; however, it remains a diagnostic challenge. The anatomy of the region can lead to difficulties localising the lameness. Diagnostic imaging may be complicated by overlying structures and the limitations of the imaging modalities readily available. A logical approach to clinical examination, diagnostic analgesia and multimodal imaging can help to overcome these difficulties.


L. Meehan and R. Labens of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, Midlothian, UK.

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