Equine Hemorrhagic Cystitis Case Report
A journal article discussed a case of hemorrhagic cystitis in an upper level dressage horse.

Researchers published a case report on an upper level dressage horse with hemorrhagic cystitis. Thinkstock

The authors of this study said that, “Recently, a syndrome called ‘Equine idiopathic hemorrhagic cystitis’ (EIHC) was described and clinical features compared to bladder neoplasia.” In this report of one horse, the authors described a case of hemorrhagic cystitis “with a favorable outcome in a high-performance dressage horse, in which exercise-intensity might be the etiologic factor for the development of bladder wall hyperplasia and hematuria.”

The title of the article is, “Equine idiopathic hemorrhagic cystitis: Is it idiopathic or more likely to be exercise-associated?” It was published by the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science in April of 2019.

The authors are Ann Kristin Barton and HeidrunGehlen, Equine Clinic, Oertzenweg, Berlin, Germany; and Olivia Kershaw and Achim D. Gruber, Institute of Veterinary Pathology, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Oertzenweg, Berlin, Germany.

You can find access options to the article here.


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