Gallup Studies Show Frustrated Human Physicians Cause Patients and Revenues to Suffer

Veterinarians and human physicians suffer from many of the same problems in their professional careers, not the least of which is burnout. In an article on, they reported that 42% of physicians reported “feeling dissatisfied in their medical practice.”

The focus of the article cited above was to give tips on getting physicians engaged again. These same tips can help veterinarians who are feeling the stress of today’s practice. Learning to cope with the stresses can help improve the bottom line.

Gallop reported that, “physicians who were fully engaged or engaged were 26% more productive than physicians who were not engaged or who were actively disengaged. This increase equates to an average of $460,000 in patient revenue per physician per year.”

Gallop published four strategies to help human physicians become more engaged:

1. “Proactively address and provide solutions for physician problems.

2. “Promote effective communication between physicians and system administrators.

3. “Encourage physician involvement with hospital administration, and ensure physicians’ opinions are heard.

4. “Go above and beyond to give physicians opportunities to grow professionally and learn from more experienced physicians.”

While these tips were aimed at human professionals, they can relate to those in the veterinary profession. To read the complete article visit

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