Toxicology for the Equine Practitioner

A new article has been published on from Veterinary Clinics: Equine Practice. The article, titled, “Toxicology for the Equine Practitioner,” is available for purchase online.


A wide variety of toxins cause diseases in the horse and are investigated routinely by veterinarians and veterinary pathologists to identify the cause of illness and death. A complete investigation involves performing a thorough necropsy and requires macroscopic and microscopic examination of lesions and a variety of laboratory testing to obtain an accurate diagnosis. The identification of gross lesions by equine practitioners is often the first step in formulating a diagnostic plan. This article provides a description of selected common toxins producing detectable gross lesions in horses in North America. The article is useful to equine practitioners and veterinary pathologists investigating a toxicology-related death.


Ahmad Al-Dissi, BVetSc, MSc, PhD, Department of Veterinary Pathology, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

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