Does Volunteering Help Corporate Standing?

A chapter from Corporate Social Responsibility from Nova Science Publishers (editor: Andrew P. Newell) discusses “Corporate Volunteering: Developing CSR Image with Internal and External Benefits.” It delves into the benefits of volunteering, especially in the not-for-profit sector. While many businesses view volunteering as an individual benefit, the article looks at some of the corporate benefits of volunteering.

You can read the entire chapter in PDF form online.


With rising pressure on firms to demonstrate social responsibility, and an increasing need to justify corporate expenditure, amny firms engage corporate volunteering (CV) programs so as to acquire a market advantage with iminimal costs. CV programs develop the human capital of the organization, whilst also communicating a clear image as a socially responsible organization to stakeholders. A conceptual framework is presented based on extant theoretical development in the literature and supported by qualitative findings, illustrating these benefits and demonstrating the influence of backstage corporate social responsibility efforts, such as CV, on consumer perceptions of front-stage performance. A preliminary quantitative analysis further supports the influence of CV on consumer perceptions, providing further support for future research examining CV as an internal and external CSR initiative.


Claire Johnson, Carolin Plewa, Jodie Conduit, and Pascale Quester, the University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia.

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