The Fifth Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit

Dr. Wayne McIlwraith’s article in the Equine Veterinary Journal on “The Fifth Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit” is available on You can read the entire article online.

Using Data to Keep Horses Safe

“The fifth Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit was held 8–9 July 2014 in Lexington, Kentucky. Like previous summits, it was underwritten by the Jockey Club and Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation and hosted by the Keeneland Association. This summit has evolved from an identification of problems to being a good example of what the combination of data collection and analysis can accomplish with Thoroughbred horse racing. The programme was divided into various themes with several presentations and discussion following the presentations. The Chairman of the Summit was Mr Ed Bowen, President of the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation.”


C. Wayne McIlwraith, Orthopaedic Research Center, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.

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