Equine Tech Tips: Soap, Scope and Tap
New from the AAEVT, techs on the front line offer tips that can help your practice.

Techs should check the integrity of the ratchet lock on surgical instruments. iStock/19 Photos

In this new series called Equine Tech Tips, the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians and Associates (AAEVT) has asked its members to share tips that they use in everyday practice with the EquiManagement audience. The AAEVT welcomes everyone in the veterinary industry to be members, from certified vet technicians and vet assistants, to front-office staff, veterinarians and students.

These first tips are offered by Arielle (Arie) Wolff, LVT, LVMT, of the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in Knoxville. 

  • Leaving laparoscopic equipment together for sterilization is now approved by governing bodies. This cuts down on anesthesia time, so your doctors don’t have to spend the first couple minutes of surgery assembling equipment. You still need to take the laparoscope apart to clean, let dry, then reassemble.
  • Ivory soap for your very first prep helps get a lot of dirt and grime off the patient before you start prepping with your scrub. 

  • When checking the integrity of the ratchet lock on surgical instruments, lock it and tap it on the counter. If it comes undone, it needs to be replaced.

If you are an AAEVT member and want to share Tech Tips with the EquiManagement audience, please get in touch with AAEVT Executive Director Deb Reeder.


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