Until We Meet Again

Kimberly S. Brown is retiring as Publisher of the Equine Health Network and as Editor of EquiManagement at the end of 2023.

At the end of 2023, I am retiring from full-time work with the Equine Network and EquiManagement. That doesn’t mean I’m disappearing from the equine health and veterinary space, just reducing the time I’m working in that segment of my life. Here are a few tidbits from my 43+ years spent in equine journalism.

I started at The Blood-Horse in October of 1980 at the age of 22 and spent nearly 30 years there. I started the Farm and Vet column in the weekly Thoroughbred magazine that some of you might remember (and been a part of). After nearly 15 years, we purchased a nearly defunct brand called Modern Horse Breeding that I turned into The Horse and TheHorse.com.

When saying “I,” that means I was the leader of the team. There were many young, talented men and women who built the foundation on which The Horse stands today. We were early digital adapters in ways that were meaningful to vets, horses and owners. I want to thank everyone who helped me make The Horse and TheHorse.com so successful—vets, corporations, sponsors, techs, researchers and the many sources and mentors who aided me along the way. We did so many cool things together for the benefit of the animal we all love.

Then I needed to step back. Burnout happens in jobs outside of vet practice. I helped my friend and neighbor Dr. Joe Pagan stretch Kentucky Equine Research into the digital and e-commerce realm for a few years. In the background, the leaders of what is today the Equine Network (owner of EquiManagement) were trying to get me to take on EquiManagement. I eventually added it to my small client list as I worked from home (before the pandemic!).

Within a few months, I was working full-time for that company developing EquiManagement. Then I took over Stable Management. Fast-forward 10+ years and here I am, the Group Publisher of the Equine Health Network that includes EquiManagement, The Horse, EQUUS and Stable Management.

As time pushes on, our lives change. I was planning retirement and travel with my boyfriend—with a little work on the side (since we both enjoyed the challenges of our chosen careers). He died unexpectedly of a rare form of cancer.

So, in this final column from me as Editor of EquiManagement, I advise you to pause and look at your lives, much as we did during the pandemic and following 9/11. Figure out what is important to you and prioritize that. Don’t put off that call or visit to friends or family. Build bridges over past hurts. Re-engage with folks from your past with whom you enjoyed spending time. Try new things and make new friends.

Above all, be honest with yourself. If you aren’t happy, figure out why and make changes. If you are happy, cherish and nurture your life and those around you! Love what you do or change what you do so you can love it again. Take care of your corner of the world and make it a better place while you are there.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and stay in touch! I cherish the many friendships I’ve made with so many of you over the decades.

Finally, I’ll just close by saying: “Until we meet again.”

(Editor’s note: You can stay connected with me through LinkedIn.)

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