EquiManagement: Business Solutions for Equine Veterinarians

EquiManagement exists to provide business solutions for equine practitioners. Veterinarians are very familiar with the business of providing health solutions for their clients’ horses, but handling the demands of a day-to-day practice while keeping up with the latest in the medical side of the industry can be overwhelming. On top of that, you have to run your practice as a business, or run the risk of losing your practice.

The success of any business is made up of a vast array of items small and large. This includes everything from having the proper business plan and sticking to a budget, to creating the proper documents for billing and keeping the right paperwork for your taxes, to ensuring you are keeping up with the latest technology.

Then there are human resources and staffing issues, family and relationship issues, health insurance costs, computers that don’t work, equipment that needs to be purchased, and, too often, a debt load that came with your degree.

As this publication and brand evolve and grow, the work we do will be more sharply focused on that mission statement of providing business solutions for equine practitioners. We will expand the services and resources we provide to practicing veterinarians and their staffs, and offer valuable business tools and guidance to veterinarians of the future.

Along those lines, we plan to expend more energy on identifying the “pain points” that equine veterinarians face in their day-to-day businesses while offering solutions from a variety of experts that you can put into practice. We want to go beyond talking about business to becoming an intimate part of your growth, whether you are a solo practitioner or a multi-veterinarian hospital.

We invite all equine practitioners, vet students, vet techs and practice managers to have an open dialogue with us as we push the boundaries in order to help you become more proficient and profitable in the business of being an equine veterinarian.

Toward that end, we have changed a few of our columns while keeping EquiManagement’s core ideals in mind.

While we will have in-depth articles from experts on topics of grave importance to your business success, we also will trim down other topics to hone in on actionable items and take-home tips.

This is your magazine, so we will focus on veterinarians from the time they enter vet school until they are ready to retire.

Additionally, in support of the EquiManagement brand, we will be expanding our digital resources with a robust new website, EquiManagement.com—not to mention associated digital tools, content, newsletters, webinars and live events.

So get ready for new content and offerings! Remember, staying connected with us at EquiManagement also will help us serve you better.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact me at KBrown@aimmedia.com. I welcome your input!

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