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Continuing education is necessary in the practice of veterinary medicine. There is always something new to learn, whether it be science, technology or business. The wonderful thing today is that there are so many new avenues that can be used for obtaining education.

Many people love the face-to-face wet labs or dry labs with experts in a specific area. This hands-on, learn-to-do-it today type of education is extremely popular. But it’s hard to either get the expert to your location or take time off from work to travel to where the expert’s seminar is offered.

Attending live, in-person seminars (without the wet labs) also is very popular for CE. And those have the bonus of being able to see and interact with the presenter and other audience members.

There are live and on-demand video options for seminars. These sometimes allow you to ask real-time questions of the presenter, or offer an ongoing forum to discuss the presentation topic with the presenter or other attendees.

And there are combinations of the above that provide a multi-platform learning experience. Plus there are lectures on MP3 (audio) files that you can download and listen to in your practice vehicle, not to mention tutorials, tools you can use online or download, apps— and the list goes on.

The reason I’m discussing these learning options is to remind you that EquiManagement offers many resources for learning, especially with the launch of our new website EquiManagement.com. Make sure you register on the website to read all of the information and have access to the tools as we are growing. And please let us know what you would like us to include, as well as how you want us to deliver that content!

On EquiManagement.com, don’t miss the Zoetis-sponsored articles on business topics from the AAEP’s fall Focus meeting under Resources>Downloads. Those topics include “Reshaping Your Practice,” “Communication is a Clinical Competency,” “Inventory Management,” “Developing a Dental Profit Center,” “Planning for Retirement: Bringing In an Associate” and “Other Exit Strategies for Retirement.”

In that same section you will find a press release template and a great article brought to you by Animal Arts called “Five Things Every Practice Should Know Before Building.”

Also on EquiManagement.com is the presentation given by EquiManagement at the AAEP Convention’s Learning Lounge. Bob Magnus, DVM, MBA, and I presented “45 Marketing Ideas in 45 Minutes.” You can gain multiple marketing and business ideas from this one presentation.

If you missed any of the articles from EquiManagement magazine, the entire library is now archived on the website. Search by topic or review by issue.

You will also find constantly updated news items from the veterinary and horse industries, as well as product information from companies.

There are many things on the drawing board for EquiManagement.com, so make sure you sign up to receive our monthly newsletter in order to keep up with the latest news and information

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