2019 WEVA Congress in Verona, Italy

SIVE is hosting the 16th World Equine Veterinary Congress (WEVA) in Verona, Italy, on October 3-5, 2019.


The Italian Society for Equine Veterinarians (SIVE) is hosting the 16th World Equine Veterinary Congress (WEVA) in Verona, Italy, on October 3-5, 2019. The Congress will take place at the Veronafiere Congress Centre.

Deadline for abstracts is March 21, 2019.

The Early Bird Registration closes May 26, 2019 .

The WEVA Executive Board members are:

Vinzenz Gerber (Switzerland) President WEVA and Full Professor and Head of Swiss Institute of Equine Medicine, Univ. of Berne, Switzerland 
Kate Savage (Australia) Senior Vice-President WEVA
Sandro Barbacini (Italy), Jr. Vice-President WEVA 
Eric Richard (France) Secretary WEVA
Harry Werner (US) Treasurer WEVA

General WEVA Board members are:

Christopher Riggs (Hong Kong SAR, China)
Henry Tremaine (England, United Kingdom) 
Maria Paz Zuñiga (Chile)

The Local Organizing Committee members are:

Marco Pepe  (Italy) University of Perugia
Barbara Riccio (Italy) Torino

The SIVE Board members are:

Guido Castellano President
Barbara Riccio Past President
Rodolfo Gialletti Vice- President
Viviana Caracciolo di Brienza Secretary
Angela Mascioni  Treasurer SIVE
Giorgio Strozzi  Counseilor

Organizational partners are MV Congressi S.p.A. and E.V Edizioni  Veterinarie. 

View of Verona, Italy, location of the 2019 WEVA Congress. iStockPhotos.com


Pre-Courses that are held October 2 (the day before the Congress begins) and have an extra fee associated with registration, are:

  • Workshop on dermatology – Speaker: Derek Knottenbelt
  • Course on Splanchnic ultrasound and ecocardio – Speaker: Cristobal Navas de Solis
  • Course on Ophthalmology – Speaker: Ann Dwyer

The pre-courses have a maximum attendance of 20 participants per course, so register early to assure yourself of a seat.


Topics to be covered at this year’s WEVA Congress include:

• musculoskeletal
• gastrointestinal
• critical care
• endocrine
• upper respiratory tract
• lower respiratory tract
• cardiology
• infectious disease
• theriogenology and obstetrics
• ophthalmology
• perinatology
• welfare
• anesthesia
• surgery
• dermatology
• neurology
• parasitology
• diagnostic imaging
• dentistry
• epidemiology
• exercise physiology

Prospective Speakers

The prospective speakers at the 2019 WEVA Congress are:

  • Jörg Auer
  • Sandro Barbacini
  • Warwick Bayly
  • Dominik Burger
  • Fernando Canonici
  • Francesca Compostella
  • Ann Dwyer
  • Jean-Marie Denoix
  • Andy Durham
  • Sue Dyson
  • Kelly Farnsworth
  • Julie Fjeldborg
  • David Foley
  • Anton Fürst
  • Vince Gerber
  • Laurie Goodrich
  • Tim Greet
  • John Grewar
  • Mariano Hernandez Gill
  • Nicola Jarvis
  • Micaël Klopfenstein
  • Derek Knottenbelt
  • Sheila Laverty
  • Jean-Pierre Lavoie
  • Des Leadon
  • Paul Loomis
  • Patrick Mc Cue
  • Cristobal Navas de Solis
  • Marco Pepe
  • Simona Prandi
  • Jonathan Pycock
  • Steve Reed
  • Giorgio Ricardi
  • Barbara Riccio
  • Eric Richard
  • Christopher Riggs
  • José Romero
  • Elisabeth Santschi
  • Kate Savage
  • Harold Schott
  • Annette Schott
  • Ellen Singer
  • Nathan Slovis
  • Fulvio Stanga
  • Ben Sykes
  • Henry Tremaine
  • Harry Werner
  • Natasha Werpy
  • Kathryn Wotman 

You can sign up for information on the upcoming 2019 WEVA Congress in Verona, Italy, by visiting this page www.weva2019.eu/Newsletter.

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