2022 Dorothy R. Havemeyer Workshop: EPM Call for Abstracts

The Havemeyer Foundation has released a Call for Abstracts for the 2022 Dorothy R. Havemeyer Workshop: EPM.

horse with EPM
A horse with EPM showing muscle wasting. Courtesy Dr. Steve Reed

The Havemeyer Foundation has extended the deadline for their Call for Abstracts for the 2022 Dorothy R. Havemeyer Workshop: EPM.

Goals and Format

The purpose of the abstract is to help in development of the workshop program. The primary goals of this workshop are to share our current state of expertise in key areas pertaining to equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) with the intent to identify shortcomings of our knowledge with the hopes of initiating collaborative research efforts and disseminating knowledge to the community. 

Each attending specialist will present his or her area of expertise in the presentation format, including thoughts on critical gaps in knowledge, or present upcoming, ongoing or recent research pertaining to EPM. 

Abstract presentations submitted within the themes of pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment and prevention and epidemiology will receive priority, however other areas of EPM will be considered. Abstracts of current pilot studies or proposed studies will be considered. Pilot or purposed studies should be identified as part of the abstract title when the abstract is submitted.

Abstracts should be submitted by June 1, 2022, but can be submitted at any time before this. They will be assessed on a first-come-first-served basis. Note that workshop space is limited and approved abstracts will be presented as oral presentations; there are no posters.

Please follow these style guidelines:

  • 12-point font in Times New Roman
  • Single spaced
  • Title should be in all caps and bold text and aligned with left margin
  • Author(s) name aligned with left margin
  • Author(s) name should be completely spelled out: first name and last name/surname
  • The presenting author should be underlined
  • Affiliation of author(s) to follow author(s) name using institution, city and state
  • Abstract should be one paragraph with no breaks
  • Figures and Tables should be embedded in abstract, if applicable
  • Reference and acknowledgements can be a new paragraph/break, if applicable
  • Abstract should not exceed 250 words (excluding references and acknowledgements)
  • Deadline for abstract submission is April 1, 2022
  • Send as a word document to [email protected]

For any questions, please contact Frank Andrews [email protected], Havemeyer EPM program chair.

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