AAEVT Program During NEAEP

AAEVT and NEAEP have joined forces for virtual education starting September 23.


The Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners (NEAEP) and the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians and Associates (AAEVT) are joining forces to host a fully virtual educational event that kicks off on September 23, 2020. The courses will be available on-demand through December 31.

For all the details about the Technician/Assistant portion of this meeting, click HERE.

To register, go directly to the NEAEP Symposium site.

NOTE: There is an AAEVT Member-Only Discount Code for this meeting, offering $75 off the registration fee. Check your email from the AAEVT or contact the organization to learn more!

Featured Speakers

  • Mike Pownall, DVM, MBA, McKee-Pownall Equine Services, Southwestern Ontario, Canada, will speak on “Social Media Tips and Tricks.”
  • Sandy Leslie, Technician, Account Manager, Grand Prix Equine, greater New York (City) area, will speak on “Career Transitions.”
  • Mark Baus, DVM, Grand Prix Equine, greater New York (City) area, will speak on “Using Technology to Streamline Equine Practice.
  • Julie Settladge, DVM, DACVS-LA, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health
  • Roanoke, Virginia, will speak on “Using Boundaries to Feed Your Why.” Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.

  • Garnetta Santiago, MA, LVT, Manager, Academic and Professional Affairs at Zoetis Inc., Parsippany, New Jersey, will speak on “Chasing Serenity: Work-Life Balance On Your Terms.” Sponsored by Zoetis
  • James D. Conway, DVM, Dechra Veterinary Products, Decatur, Texas, will speak on “Navicular Syndrome.” Sponsored by DECHRA
  • Adrain C. Lock, CEO, PulseVet, Alpharetta, Georgia, will speak on “Shockwave Therapy & Anatomy.” Sponsored by PulseVet
  • Jane Marie Manfredi, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVS-LA, DACVSMR (Equine), Department of Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation, [email protected],
  • East Lansing, Michigan, will speak on “EMS, IR, ID, PPID, OST, TRH Stim: Sorting out the equine endocrine alphabet soup.” Sponsored by Kentucky Performance Products

  • Earl Gaughan, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, Merck Animal Health, Sedalia, Colorado, will speak on “Wellness and YOU.” Sponsored by Merck Animal Health
  • Jennifer Quamman, DVM, MPH, Veterinary Resident, Coach, Blogger
  • Walton, Kentucky, will speak on “Telemedicine. ” Sponsored by TeleVet

  • Meg Green, DVM, Speaker, Coach & Trainer, Countryside Veterinary Services
  • Covington, Georgia. 

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