Avanti Equine Veterinary Partners Acquires California-Based Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics

Avanti acquired California-based Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics on December 22, 2021.


Advancing practice, care, and service standards across the U.S., Avanti Equine Veterinary Partners vaulted into 2022 with two new partnerships. The veterinary network strives to contribute to the greater good, building on its vision of a national hub and spoke network of practices. One of two exciting alliances formed, capping off the year with great momentum, Avanti acquired California-based Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics on December 22, 2021. Additionally, the rapidly growing network joined forces with Texas-based Animal Imaging.

Avanti seeks to assist practices that share a passion for collaboration, financial success, forward-thinking innovation, along with a pulsing entrepreneurial spirit. Drawing on Avanti’s essential managerial support and resources, lead veterinarians can hone in on their best fortes. Avanti creates a nationwide magnet of expertise and skill sets accessible, enabling teams to deliver the highest level of veterinary medicine.

Before Avanti, generations of practice owners historically faced one disheartening exit strategy option: selling their practices at a stark discount, usually to self-finance the sale. Now, Avanti’s vision serves to create a new financial full value cash exit strategy, in addition to prospects for selling veterinarians to diversify some of their wealth with an investment in Avanti Equine Veterinary Partners. Transparently serving patients and clients with the utmost integrity, the organization carefully chooses each new acquisition and partnership, effectively supporting the equine industry as a whole. Avanti supports its hub and spoke network of practices, providing practice management efforts on an individual basis; to whatever extent partner practice lead veterinarians envision achieving.

Andrew Clark, DVM, MBA, who is CEO of Avanti, recognized immense potential in Steinbeck Peninsula, whose “five locations align perfectly with Avanti’s Hub and Spoke model.” Avanti’s first locations in California (with Steinbeck Peninsula’s central locations excelling in Salinas and Menlo Park), the network feels “extremely proud” to team up with this veterinary clinic. “Steinbeck Peninsula checked all the boxes,” asserts Clark, noting that “the Avanti team and the Avanti Network are excited to work together with this iconic practice.”

Steinbeck Peninsula is a full-service equine practice, with two full-service hospitals, three ambulatory locations, as well as a companion animal hospital. Under the umbrella of this promising collaboration, Steinbeck Peninsula can turn to the Avanti management team as a consulting group, pinpointing meaningful solutions and resources to tackle business management challenges. This will allow Steinbeck Peninsula to focus on the values they most care about: commitment, collaboration, and above all, compassion. After all, they too are horse owners, who relate to clients on an emotional level. This partnership primes Steinbeck Peninsula to better support the very logistical and financial anxieties that can impact their clients.

Dr. Alexandra Wyle Eastman, Chief Operating Officer of Steinbeck Peninsula, appreciates that change is in dire need for the industry. “Equine veterinary medicine as a profession is at a crossroad. There are fewer equine veterinary graduates each year, and many quality equine practitioners do not stay in the field for their entire careers.” This partnership with Avanti emerges at a great precipice, where Dr. Eastman sees, “In order to continue to serve the horses and horse community we care deeply about, we need to reframe what being an equine veterinarian looks

“A team approach to practice is a way to promote the physical and emotional health of the equine practitioner,” explains Dr. Eastman, who recognizes that both “Steinbeck Equine and Avanti Equine practices have been hand-selecting teams of exceptional practitioners and recreating what it looks like to be an equine practitioner.” Visions blazing in sync, Dr. Eastman adds, “Our philosophies and goals are so similar, it was a natural decision to join forces.”

The benefits to leverage in this alliance are enormous. Dr. Eastman says, “With the administrative work out of the way, veterinarians can focus on practice and developing their medical interests. Having a team of hospitals with varied expertise expands the availability for in-house continuing education and the larger base will make it easier to add technology and services.”

“By joining Avanti, Steinbeck Peninsula Equine will become part of a bigger team of like-minded practices that value not only horse and client care but the growth, development and wellbeing of the veterinarians and support staff within the practices,” affirms Dr. Eastman, who eagerly anticipates Steinbeck Peninsula Equine’s impact on a changing industry, thanks to the support of Avanti. “We are excited for the veterinarians and staff at Steinbeck Peninsula to enjoy the expanded resources and support available as an Avanti practice.”

Avanti begins the new year fostering two acquisitions robust with potential. Notably, the national network is always looking for visionary partners to join their mission, shaping a better future for equine veterinarians. For entrepreneurial and collaborative practices looking to find their place amidst a shifting equine veterinary landscape, follow Steinbeck Peninsula Equine’s lead; and take progressive strides together, leveraging Avanti’s flourishing resources.

About Avanti Equine

Avanti Equine Veterinary Partners, LLC is an equine veterinary practice network that provides management and operational strategy by investing resources in equine practices to help with forward-thinking growth. Unlike other companies, Avanti’s sole focus is on the equine industry and working with equine veterinarians to tailor a plan to meet their goals while supporting their staff and clients. To learn more about Avanti, visit https://avantiequine.com/.

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