BEVA Introduces Empowerment Award for Vet Nurse Champions

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has introduced the Equine Vet Nurse Empowerment Award to recognize individuals who champion the role of the equine veterinary nurse.
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The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has introduced a new award to recognize individuals who go above and beyond to champion the role of the equine veterinary nurse.

The new Equine Vet Nurse Empowerment Award aims to highlight the invaluable skills and versatility of equine nurses by commending any individual within the profession who is actively championing the role of the equine nurse. 

“We hope the new Award will help to raise the profile of the essential role of RVNs in practice,” said BEVA President David Rendle. “RVNs are an important asset to any equine practice; they have invested a lot of time and effort to become highly skilled but in some instances their significant attributes are not being utilised to the full. 

“By formally recognizing individuals who are actively empowering nurses to perform to their full potential and to progress within the profession, we will be able to encourage others to follow their lead. Ultimately, this should deliver better job satisfaction for RVNs and more efficient and rewarding teamwork for the practice.”

Examples of actions that may make an individual eligible for the BEVA Vet Nurse Empowerment Award include:

  • Promoting the equine veterinary nursing role within practice and to the public 
  • Supporting and inspiring equine veterinary nurses
  • Demonstrating that nurses are integral to equine practice
  • Expanding the role of the equine veterinary nurse within a practice or the wider profession 
  • Going above and beyond to demonstrate what nurses can bring to equine patient care
  • Promoting or encouraging further training and up-skilling of equine veterinary nurses
  • Using the equine veterinary nurse qualification to advance veterinary medicine or equine welfare
  • Creating a professional environment where equine veterinary nurses can fulfill their potential 
  • Inspiring others to join the equine veterinary nurse profession 

To nominate an individual for the BEVA Veterinary Nurse Empowerment Award, visit

The BVNA and BEVA Presidents will both be part of the judging panel. Nominations close on April 28, 2023, and the winner will be announced and the Award presented at BEVA Congress on September 13, 2023.

In addition to launching a VN Committee last year to give nurses a direct voice within the association, BEVA has introduced a dedicated forum for BEVA nurse members to chat directly to each other via the BEVA Buddy app. There will be dedicated sessions for VNs at BEVA Congress (September 13-16, 2023) this year and a series of career-focused podcasts will be broadcast during the year.

To find out more and to book tickets to BEVA Congress, visit

To find out more about what equine veterinary nurses can do in practice, visit

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