EIA Quarantines Expanded in Wyoming

The Wyoming quarantines are precautionary; no cases of EIA have been diagnosed in the state.


The Wyoming Livestock Board has quarantined an additional five premises (for a total of 12 premises), which includes 58 horses, as a result exposure to a horse originating in Colorado that was positive to equine infectious anemia (EIA). The quarantined horses are located in Laramie, Albany, Sweetwater, Lincoln, Teton, Park, Fremont and Natrona Counties. 

There are NO cases of EIA in Wyoming at this time. Regardless of good intentions and reported misleading advice by the seller, the majority these horses exposed at the Colorado facility were imported illegally to Wyoming. It is important that all horse and other livestock owners are aware that the Wyoming Livestock Board (and all other states) have import requirements for animals entering the state. There are also federal requirement for animals traveling interstate. 

For horses entering Wyoming, a negative Coggins test within 12 months and a health certificate with the origin and destination noted issued by an accredited veterinarian within 30 days is required. 

To find out what health requirements must be met when shipping livestock interstate: ALL state requirements are provided at www.interstatelivestock.com

For brand requirements, the state Brand agency should be contacted directly. In Wyoming, brand inspections are required at change of ownership and to move all horses, sheep and cattle from county to county and when leaving the state. 

More information can be obtained by calling 307-777-7515. Additional information about equine infectious anemia is available at the EDCC website (http://www.equinediseasecc.org ) by clicking on “Disease Information” in the menu bar.

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