Equine Influenza in South Dakota

Three horses in a Custer State Park camp tested positive for equine influenza A, with 30 other horses exposed.
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Custer State Park South Dakota map

Three horses tested positive and 30 others were exposed at a campground in Custer State Park in South Dakota.

The South Dakota State Veterinarian reported through the Equine Disease Communication Center that there were three confirmed cases of equine influenza in . An additional 30 horses were exposed.

On June 14, staff at Custer State Park were notified of coughing horses at the park’s French Creek Horse Camp. The staff called Fall River Veterinarian Clinic, and the clinic’s staff performed tests on three horses. All three horses tested positive for Influenza A and were exhibiting clinical signs of dry cough, fever and nasal discharge. An additional 30 horses were exposed. Vaccination status of the horses was unknown.

The campground will be closed until June 28.

Visit the Equine Disease Communication Center's website for a fact sheet on equine influenza.