Equine Non-Profits Receive About $70,000 from USA Equestrian Trust

USA Equestrian Trust awarded nearly $70,000 in grants to help fund 15 equine-focused projects by non-profits.
Several youth-oriented programs received funding from the USA Equestrian Trust this year. iStock photo

USA Equestrian Trust awarded nearly $70,000 in grants to help fund 15 equine-focused projects by non-profits. Since the inception of its grants program, the Trust has awarded nearly $2.5 million in grants.

The projects funded as part of the grant application period ending in April were:

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF EQUINE PRACTITIONERS FOUNDATION ($5,000) to support the Equine Disease Communication Center, which alerts the industry to outbreaks of disease in an effort to prevent their spread. The Center also serves as an educational resource on infectious diseases affecting horses.

AMERICAN HORSE COUNCIL FOUNDATION ($5,000) to support a national equine industry economic impact study.

AMERICAN HORSE COUNCIL FOUNDATION ($5,000) to support the Equine Welfare Data Collective, a long-term research initiative that is gathering and reporting data on at-risk horses and those in transition.

AMERICAN MORGAN HORSE EDUCATIONAL CHARITABLE TRUST ($4,500) to help fund a study of Morgan horse genetics.

ASBURY UNIVERSITY ($2,970) to fund the purchase of safety equipment for the university’s more than 100 students majoring in equine studies.

FAIR HILL INTERNATIONAL ($10,000) to support infrastructure improvements at a competition site.

HARNESS HORSE YOUTH FOUNDATION ($600) to purchase safety vests for the organization’s summer youth programs.

KENTUCKY HORSE COUNCIL ($2,500) to support quarterly education events, as well as livestock investigation training focused on recognizing, reporting, and handling animal neglect and abuse cases.

METROPOLITAN EQUESTRIAN TEAM ($5,000) to support scholarships for participating youth.

NATIVE HORSEMANSHIP YOUTH PROGRAM ($3,800) to support horsemanship classes on the Port Madison Suquamish Reservation.

SIMMONS’ STABLE PRESERVATION FUND ($5,000) to replace fencing at the historic stable.

THE DRESSAGE FOUNDATION ($5,000) to support the Young Rider International Dream Program in which youth meet with top trainers, riders, judges and other key figures within the industry, as well as observe top competitions and learn about stable management.

TROT SEARCH AND RESCUE MOUNTED TEAM ($5,000) to support training needs and the purchase of equipment for the volunteer team of first responders on horseback who locate and provide aid to lost and missing people.

UNITED STATES HUNTER JUMPER ASSOCIATION ($2,500) to support the organization’s Emerging Athletes Program for youth.

UNITED STATES SADDLE SEAT ASSOCIATION ($5,000) to support the 2022 International Saddle Seat World Cup Competition to be held in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

The Trust’s next grant application period will begin early in 2023. Equine non-profits wishing to make a request for funding during that application period will be required to fill out the online application form at http://trusthorses.org. To be notified once the application period has opened, please email grants@trusthorses.org.

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