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Any equine veterinarian is eligible to receive EquiManagement magazine.

Veterinarians can receive their own, free subscriptions to EquiManagement magazine.

All AAEP members and student members receive a free subscription to EquiManagement magazine. It comes six times a year polybagged with EQUUS magazine. 

Any equine veterinarian who is not an AAEP member is also eligible to receive EquiManagement magazine. 

Any veterinarian who practices on horses—whether full-time or as part of a mixed animal practice—is eligible to receive a free subscription to EquiManagement magazine. You will not be billed!

Even if one of your associates in your practice receives EquiManagement, you are eligible to receive your own free subscription.

Also, any equine veterinary technician or assistant is also eligible to receive a free EquiManagement subscription. Currently all AAEVT members receive the magazine as a member benefit. If you are a vet tech/assistant, we encourage you to look into joining AAEVT for many other member benefits.

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