Hallmarq Intalls a Standing Equine MRI in France
Innovative training methods during the COVID-19 pandemic helped to establish Hallmarq's newest standing MRI in France.

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Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging has recently installed a Standing Equine MRI (sMRI) system at in Truchtersheim, France. The new system, located in an area previously not well served by standing MRI, is now the eighth available to French equine vets. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, sending a UK trainer to France was not an option on this occasion. However, an existing Hallmarq customer, already based locally, stepped up to provide training in a hugely successful first for a company that has always championed education and collaboration.

Novel Approach

Veterinary medicine has remained an essential service during the pandemic, but training Moulin’s staff to become Hallmarq-certified operators necessitated a novel approach. Experienced Hallmarq-trained sMRI operator Jean-Philippe Germain travelled to Truchtersheim to train staff at the new site. With a decade of experience in scanning horses with Hallmarq’s sMRI, Jean-Philippe is well placed to pass on his knowledge of using the system to acquire high-quality clinical images that support equine lameness diagnosis.

Working closely with Hallmarq’s remote support team in the UK, Jean-Philippe commissioned the machine and delivered a four-day, in-person training program at Clinique Vétérinaire du Moulin. Hallmarq’s team of Applications Scientists played a key role through virtual Q&A to reassure all parties that things were running smoothly and as expected.

Customer Collaboration

Jean-Philippe, a regular at Hallmarq’s Annual User Meeting held in Chamonix, France, was enthusiastic to be part of this collaborative first, stating:

“It has been a thrilling experience to share my knowledge of Standing MRI,” said Jean-Philippe. “This shared experience has been enlightening, and I hope I have passed on a few tips acquired in these past years as well as my interest in this powerful imaging modality.”

Clinique Vétérinaire du Moulin’s Dr. Benoît Blachon agreed. The process enabled the practice to get standing MRI up and running at a time when COVID might well have determined otherwise, and the team is now able to offer the gold standard in lameness diagnosis safely, quickly and efficiently. Blachon sees this as a huge advantage; until now, this unique diagnostic capability has not been available to horse owners in the area:

“In an unprecedented health period, Hallmarq was able to find an innovative and effective solution to training,” said Blachon. “The collaboration between their Support Team and Jean-Philippe Germain enabled quality training and transmission from an already experienced and certified Standing Equine MRI user. The whole experience has been invaluable to the team here at Moulin.”

Q-Care Support

Ongoing account management will be available to the team at Moulin to help build a profitable caseload, as with all customer sites. Q-Care, Hallmarq’s comprehensive customer support program, includes ongoing and top-up operator training, remote and on-site service and support and marketing assistance. As a member of the ‘Hallmarq Family’, customers have exclusive access to our online Community area, which offers a wealth of educational resources, the chance for peer-to-peer discussion, case study analysis and user meetings.

As uncertainty around travel continues, it looks likely that Hallmarq will utilize this method of training more frequently. Chief Customer Officer Annie Makin said, “The COVID pandemic has certainly presented some challenges to the team here at Hallmarq in terms of system and training delivery. I’m delighted that our ethos of global partnership and collaboration has come to the fore and delivered yet another innovative solution to making clinical excellence in lameness diagnosis accessible to even more vets, owners and horses in France.”

The cooperation and goodwill of Hallmarq’s customers clearly demonstrate that we are, indeed, “all in this together!”

Find out more about Hallmarq’s Standing Equine MRI.

Find out more about Standing Equine MRI at Clinique Vétérinaire du Moulin.

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