IVIS Has Posted Proceedings for the 2013 Society for Theriogenology Annual Conference

It is our pleasure to announce that the Proceedings of the Society for Theriogenology Annual Conference 2013, that took place in Louisville, Kentucky, are now available in IVIS.

The Society for Theriogenology (SFT) is an organization of veterinarians dedicated to animal reproduction, whose mission is to promote standards of excellence in reproductive medicine, to provide outreach and education to veterinarians, and to foster continual improvements in theriogenology.

2014 Therio Portland – 60 Year Anniversary

We are looking forward to a great conference this year at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront. Make plans to join us next year in Portland, Oregon, on Aug. 6-9!

Call for Abstracts

The Society for Theriogenology and American College of Theriogenologists issued a call for research and case abstracts to be presented at the annual Therio Conference. Abstracts must be received no later than Monday, Feb. 03, 2014, for consideration. More information. Those submitting abstracts for consideration will be notified by March 15, 2014, if their abstract(s) were accepted or declined. View the Instructions to Authors. Download the 2014 Abstract Submission Form.

2014 Call for Student Case Presentations

Attention to all SFT student members! The SFT Program Committee is pleased to announce the Call for Submission of Student Theriogenology Case Presentation at the annual conference in Portland. The competition will be held during the annual conference. The purpose of this competition is to promote student interest in SFT, to encourage investigative and communication skills and allow students greater participation in our annual meeting. All SFT student members are qualified to enter the competition. More information.

The venue for the 2014 conference is the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, 1401 SW Naito Parkway, Portland, OR 97201, 1-877-901-6632. Go to the Online Hotel Reservations.

For more information contact the SFT office at P.O. Box 3007 Montgomery, AL 36109-3007 1-334/395-4666; Fax 1-334/270-3399; Email; or visit our website at http://www.therio.org/.


David E. Bartlett Award for Lifetime Achievement in Theriogenology. Michelle M. Leblanc, DVM, DACT; A Life Dedicated to the Study of Reproduction; 1954 – 2013 – [PDF] An Essay by C. McLeod (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)

Equine Session

  • Can Pain Affect Reproduction? – [PDF] L.C. Sanchez (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • An Introduction to Acupuncture and Its Incorporation Into Equine Reproductive Practice – [PDF] M. LeBlanc and A. Faber (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • The Use of Prostaglandin F2α (PGF) for Controlling the Mare’s Estrous Cycle – [PDF] C.R.F. Pinto (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Update on Placentitis – What Has Been Accomplished in the Last 3 Years? – [PDF] C.S. Bailey (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Metabolic Diseases – Do We Really Know if They Affect Reproduction? – [PDF] P.R. Morresey (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • The Use of Endometrial Biopsies in Formulating a Treatment Plan – [PDF] S.P. Brinsko and P.L. Sertich (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Ancillary Semen Tests for Stallions: Which Ones to Use and What Do They Mean – [PDF] D.D. Varner, T.L. Blanchard, C.C. Love and S.P. Brinsko (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)

Opening Session Abstracts

  • Equine Lactoferrin Increases in vitro Binding of Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils to Spermatozoa – [PDF] A. Esteller-Vico, K.E. Scoggin, E.L. Squires, B.A. Ball and M.H.T. Troedsson (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Stallion Sperm Recovery Rate After Centrifugation and Removal of the Supernatant Using Different Methods – [PDF] L.C.L. Gomes, L.M.J. Miller, J. Bradford, S. Holliday, S. Skinner and M.S. Ferrer (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • The Effect of Immune Modulators on Endometrial Cytokine Expression in Mares Susceptible to Persistent Breeding Induced Endometritis – [PDF] E.M. Woodward, E.S. Metcalf, K.E. Scoggin, M. Christoffersen, D.W. Horohov, E.L. Squires, P.A. Clausen and M.H.T. Troedsson (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • A Placental Inflammatory Reaction to LPS at 34 Days or Near-term Is Inhibited by the Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug Flunixin Meglumine – [PDF]
  • Leiomyoma in the Spermatic Cord of a Stallion – [PDF] R.R. Wilborn, A.K. Johnson, G.A. Dujovne, V.Z. Albanese, F.J. Caldwell and L.C. Brittain (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)

Rains Memorial Abstract Competition

  • Experimental Induction of Nocardioform Placentitis in Mares – [PDF] I.F. Canisso, B.A. Ball, M.H. Troedsson, A. Claes, K.E. Scoggin, E. Erol, N.M. Williams and E.L. Squires (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Effects of Early Versus Mid-diestrus PGF2α Administration in the Mare – [PDF] E.A. Coffman, C.R.F Pinto, H.K. Snyder, C.A. Leisinger and K. Cole (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)

Student Case Presentations

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of a Gelding with Seminal Vesiculitis – [PDF] A.J. Durand, A.K. Johnson, R. Funk and R.R. Wilborn (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Use of a Modified Vinsot Technique for Partial Phallectomy Due to Paraphimosis – [PDF] J. Anton, S. Hayden, R. Holyoak and C. Jacobson (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Late Term Twin Pregnancy Management in a Thoroughbred Mare – [PDF] F.M. Whitehill, M.A. Pozor, M.L. Macpherson, L. Husted, L. Dillon, A.A. Kelleman and M.M. Diaz (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Single Mummified Fetus in a Mare – [PDF] A.K. Malone Oliver and T. Dobbie (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)

Equine Abstracts

  • Inflammatory Endometrial Response to Two Different Uterine Lavage Solutions in Donor Mares – [PDF] D.F. Mogollon, M.O. Benoit-Biancamano, I. Raggio, P. Poitras, D. Vaillancourt, A.E. Stock and R.C. Lefebvre (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • The Distribution of Carrier Status of T. equigenitalis in Stallions and Exposed Mares in South Africa – [PDF] C.E. May, M.L. Schulman, B. Keys and A. Guthrie (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • The Distribution of Taylorella equigenitalis on the External Genitalia of Carrier Stallions in South Africa – [PDF] C.E. May, M.L. Schulman, B. Keys and A.J. Guthrie (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Effect of LDL on Stallion Sperm Motility After Cryopreservation – [PDF] R.S. Rodgers, H. King and R. Hopper (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Analysis of Two Formulations of Ceftiofur in the Seminal Plasma of Stallions – [PDF] A.K. Johnson, R.R. Wilborn, E. Aufox, J.A. Johnson and N. Voris (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Ultrasonographic Characterization of the Accessory Sex Glands in Normal Geldings – [PDF] M.R. Schnobrich, R.O. Turner and J. Slack (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Effect of L-Arginine Supplementation on Follicular Hemodynamics in the Mare – Preliminary Findings – [PDF] H.L. Resende, H.S. Canesin, C. Ramires-Neto, F.L.V. Pinaffi, L.A. Silva and M.A. Alvarenga (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Temporary Aspermia Following Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) Vaccination in a Stallion – [PDF] M. Kutzler and S. Lloyd (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)

Posters for Equine

  • Effect of Medium and Medium Glucose Concentration on Equine Embryo Development After Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection – [PDF] Y.H. Choi, I.C. Velez, B. Macías-García, F.L. Riera and K. Hinrichs (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Effects of Dietary Zearalenone Exposure on the Reproductive Performance of Mares – [PDF] H. King, S. Bowers, N. Shappell, D. Christiansen, K. Walters, R. Jaklitsch, J. Tucker, R. Hopper and P. Ryan (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Persistent Luteal Function and Spontaneous Lactation in a Non-pregnant Mare – [PDF] J.T. Hayna (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Impact of Activation and Subsequent Antimicrobial Treatment of Dormant Endometrial Streptococci in the Thoroughbred Problem Mare – A Descriptive Field Study – [PDF] M.R. Petersen, K. Lu, M. Christoffersen, J. Møller Nielsen, M.H. Troedsson and A.M. Bojesen (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)

Species Abstracts (Equine)

  • Marble-induced Pyometra in an Appaloosa Mare – [PDF] J. Klabnik-Bradford, M. Soledad Ferrer, C. Blevins and L. Beard (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Prepubic Tendon Rupture in Late Term Mares – A Genetic Link? – [PDF] S. Nahachewsky, C. Card, S. Manning, D. Nairn and I. Dedden (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)
  • Recurrent Seminal Vesculitis in a Stallion – [PDF] A.K. Daniel, A.K. Johnson and R.R. Wilborn (Last updated: 10-Aug-13)

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