Kentucky Racetrack Restrictions on Remington Park Horses

The Kentucky State Veterinarian's office directed Kentucky racetracks and training centers to not allow Remington Park horses entry without the State Vet's approval.

Confirmed cases of equine herpesvirus at Remington Park has caused restrictions on entry to Kentucky racetracks and training center. Google maps

The following was reported from the Equine Disease Communication Center:

Based on information from Remington Park racetrack in Oklahoma regarding the equine herpesvirus outbreak, the Kentucky State Veterinarian is directing Kentucky racetracks and their associated training centers to not allow movement of horses which have resided or been at Remington Park (racing, training, transiting, etc.) on or after November 12 without prior approval from the Kentucky State Veterinarian’s Office.

Approval to move horses previously from Remington to a Kentucky track will be made on an individual basis and in consultation with the track they are desiring to enter. Any approval granted will be made following testing of the horse conducted after it’s departure from Remington Park and further evaluation.

During the interim, we continue to allow horses meeting our normal entry requirements from Remington Park to enter Kentucky and stable on private farms. Farms receiving such horses should be aware of the elevated risk and implement good husbandry practices that include isolation of new arrivals and all other guidance offered by their veterinarians.

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