Kentucky’s Second Equine PHF Case Reported
A second Bourbon County Thoroughbred tested positive for Potomac horse fever in Kentucky.

A second Thoroughbred in Bourbon County, Kentucky, tested positive for Potomac horse fever.

Rusty Ford, an equine operations consultant for the Kentucky State Veterinarians office, reported a second confirmed case of equine Potomac horse fever (PHF) in Bourbon County, Kentucky. 

The premises of the first and second cases are more than six miles apart, and the findings of the State Veterinarian’s epidemiological investigations support the conclusion that there is no direct correlation or relationship between the two cases.

This second case of PHF was reported on June 5 in a yearling Thoroughbred filly. She presented on May 29 with acute watery diarrhea of 48 hours duration, dehydration and had been febrile. PCR testing on whole blood and feces confirmed the diagnosis of Potomac horse fever and treatment was begun.

The filly appeared much improved on June 5 and is expected to make a full recovery.


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