The Manual of Neonatal Medicine Publishes Two New Chapters


IVIS is pleased to announce that two news chapters have been published in the book The Manual of Equine Neonatal Medicine (4th ed.) by J.E. Madigan (Ed.).

Assessment of Passive Immunity
The acquisition of immunoglobulins is entirely by passive transfer in foals. The speed with which this occurs following birth, the amount and types of specific antibodies in the colostrum, and the amount and types absorbed are factors in the prevention of infection. Good management may be just as important as increasing amounts of immunoglobulins in preventing infections […]
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Plasma Therapy
Plasma has been used as preventive therapy for treatment of failure of passive transfer and therapeutically to raise antibody levels in ill foals less than 2 months of age. The majority of neonatal foals with infectious conditions such as septicemia have failure of passive transfer (IgG < 400 mg/dl). However, some studies indicate that, with good management, healthy foals with serum IgG of 200-400 mg/dl have only slight risk of acquiring illness […]
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