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Massachusetts Reports Equine Strangles and Respiratory Herpesvirus

Middlesex, Essex and Hampshire Counties in Massachusetts were involved in confirmed equine disease reports.
Essex, Hampshire, Middlesex Counties Massachusetts

Respiratory equine herpesvirus was confirmed in Hampshire County and equine strangles was confirmed in Essex and Middlesex Counties in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts State Veterinarian confirmed a case of respiratory equine herpesvirus in Hampshire County at a boarding facility. The horse was confirmed on April 20, and 30 horses at the facility are considered exposed. The horse is alive and affected.

For more information on equine herpesvirus type 1 read this Fact Sheet.

Equine Strangles

The Massachusetts State Veterinarian also reported confirmed equine strangles cases in Middlesex and Essex Counties.

In Essex County, a horse at a boarding facility was confirmed with equine strangles on April 12. A total of 25 other horses at that facility are considered exposed.

A boarding facility in Middlesex County had a confirmed equine strangles case that was confirmed on April 8. 

For more information about equine strangles read this Fact Sheet.

Information for this report was provided by the Equine Disease Communication Center.



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