Multiple Equine Strangles Cases in Chelan County, Washington

Three horses have been cultured positive and 10 others are presumed positive based on clinical signs on one premises.
Chelan County Washington map

Thirteen horses are presumed to have strangles on on premises in Chelan County, Washington. Google maps

The Washington State Department of Agriculture reported to the Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC) three confirmed cases of strangles and 10 suspected cases in Chelan County. There is a voluntary quarantine in place.

The reporting vet indicated that up to 10 horses on the premises are affected with three having been cultured and confirmed positive for strangles. Additional horses are presumed positive based on clinical signs.

The three horses that were confirmed positive for strangles are a 12-year-old Arabian that is recovering; a 4-year-old warmblood; and a 5-year-old Arabian. The 4-year-old had the first onset of clinical signs on December 23, 2018, and the younger Arabian had onset of clinical signs on February 10.

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