NAEP Adds Equine Dentistry to the 2023 Vet & Farrier Conference

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Mr. Dave Dawson, Executive Director of the NAEP, announced that the Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of adding equine dentistry to their 2023 Vet & Farrier Conference educational program.

This intensive dentistry CE program will include lectures and wet labs covering topics such as:

  • Dental examination and related anatomy;
  • Dental Radiography, technique and interpretation; and
  • Dental Therapies: odontoplasty, periodontal disease, and extraction.

The renowned Dr. Jeff Reisweg, DVM, PhD, FAVD(Eq), Dipl.AVDC(Eq), will lead the newly added program.

The Vet & Farrier Conference is an annual event consisting of 2-3 days of lectures and round tables followed by a full day of hands-on wet labs and specialty education.

The NAEP is the first organization to include farriers in the definition of equine practitioners. It is actively encouraging the relationship between veterinarians and farriers as well as providing multiple educational opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities.

The NAEP exists to encourage farriers and veterinarians working together for the well-being of the horse through communication and continuing education. #togetherforthehorse

The 2023 Vet & Farrier Conference takes place from September 27-30th in Saratoga, New York. Information about the programs, speakers and tradeshow is available on our website at

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