Neurologic Herpesvirus in Maine Mare

An aged Quarter Horse mare in Kennebec County, Maine was euthanized due to neurologic herpesvirus.

A 20-year-old Quarter Horse mare was euthanized in Kennebec County, Maine, due to neurologic herpesvirus. iStock

The Maine Department of Agriculture confirmed one case of neurologic herpesvirus in Kennebec County. The 20-year-old Quarter Horse mare had onset of clinical signs on June 18 that included fever, peripheral edema, and progressive neurologic signs. The unvaccinated mare was confirmed positive on June 29 and was euthanized. 

On July 7, the Maine Department of Agriculture noted that all trace-out activity has been completed and two separate private facilities had been notified and movement restrictions and monitoring put in place. All exposed animals have been quarantined and enhanced biosecurity measures are in place at the index facility.

Information for this report was provided by the Equine Disease Communication Center

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