Neurologic Herpesvirus in Washington State

A case of neurologic equine herpesvirus has been confirmed in King County, Washington, with two additional premises quarantined.
Three premises are now quarantined due to neurologic equine herpesvirus in King County, Washington.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture has confirmed a case of equine herpesvirus type 1 (neurotropic) in King County, Washington. The horse was moved to an isolation area on the property, and the premise has been quarantined. 

There are two other premises that will be quarantined due to recent movement of horses from the index property to other equine facilities. 

Temperatures will be taken twice daily and strict equine biosecurity is in place. 

If an owner has a horse exhibiting neurological signs or suspects a horse of having equine herpesvirus, he or she is directed to call a veterinarian immediately. 

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