Online Training for Equine Thermal Imaging from Teletherm Infrared

With the increasing interest in equine thermal imaging, Teletherm infrared has produced an online veterinary and equine infrared training program through the website.

It’s a compilation of their over 25 years of work with infrared thermal imaging for human and animal studies. The company is an established producer of infrared imaging cameras, software, on location teaching, installation and support systems. The online program is a complete set of educational sessions based upon live seminars and personalized instruction, to be taken at the user’s pace. There are many technicians and therapists, besides Veterinarians who are getting involved with radiometric thermal imaging, and require this comprehensive reference guide and technical understanding for successful and appropriate use of an infrared camera.

The program provides an excellent background on the historical and scientific basis for using thermal imaging technology for the evaluation of animal subjects. Along with this, the various applications, findings, and discussion of technique are handled with downloadable segments, images and forms.

Good procedure guidelines, environmental conditions, and infrared camera factors are all discussed in the material. This program is for anyone interested in the subject.

No previous experience is required, as the technology is emerging significantly in all sorts of areas with regard to physiological health evaluations. The latest clinical research findings for equine are also provided. The section on software tools demonstrates what is required for making it easier to understand the elements of a quality thermographic image. This is shown through video assisted steps which note the key areas of importance for scanning horses in relation to the anatomical sections. A review of archival images with known conditions shows the full breadth of the instruction program. This component gives a real feel for the types of images that can be taken. Full imaging studies, with the views needed and the elements to watch for, provide a key part of the agenda. This is a good basis for using this exciting and informative technology.

Due to Teletherm’s manufacture and design of infrared imaging hardware and software for health applications, they’re specifically able to provide a technical Certification of Achievement, once the final course test has been completed. There are several review sections along the way. Continuing updates are added, as more content is developed.

Hands-on, direct instruction is the next step in the educational process, which is also offered by the company through personalized training and seminars.

There is no requirement for a registrant for the Online training program to have a specific piece of infrared imaging equipment. The course makes note of recommended minimum specifications for standard clinical infrared thermal imaging. There are critical considerations that are very important to Veterinarians, therapists, and other interested groups, who are currently, or plan on working with infrared thermal imaging cameras for equine studies. Complete details and registration information are available at the thermology website page for this program.

Teletherm infrared is a division of TG3 Infrared Systems LLC, Tampa, Florida. Please contact G.J. Rockley, Director of Operations, 813-418-6165, visit the website: or email:

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