Pfizer Acquires Fort Dodge

In October, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals acquired Wyeth, the parent company of Fort Dodge. The acquisition created Pfizer Animal Health, which was formally introduced at the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Annual Convention in December.

“Pfizer and Fort Dodge, joined together, will now sharpen our focus on investment in veterinarians’ practices, our investment in the equine industry, and our investment in equine care and the welfare of the horse,” said George Fennell, vice president, Pfizer Animal Health, who leads Pfizer’s now expanded U.S. equine business. “We not only plan to improve veterinary care with a growing pipeline of innovative and breakthrough vaccines, products and services, but, at AAEP this week, Pfizer Animal Health will pledge growing support of veterinary academics, practitioners and the equine community.”

“A renewed Pfizer Animal Health plans to increase awareness about the importance of equine wellness exams and preventive care,” said Tom R. Lenz, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACT, now senior director of equine veterinary services, Pfizer Animal Health. Dr. Lenz, formerly of Fort Dodge, also is a past president of AAEP. “In addition to nurturing veterinary organizations through educational, medical and peer-to-peer programs, Pfizer Animal Health is committing to further educating veterinary students and veterinarians through scholarships, internships and research grants.”

In 2009 Pfizer Animal Health raised more than $100,000 toward equine medical research through the NTRA Barbaro Memorial Fund. Pfizer Animal Health will pledge additional dollars toward research, and continues to support Morris Animal Foundation research targeting equine care. 

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