Seven States Report Equine Disease Issues
Massachusetts, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, Ohio and Virginia have reported disease cases.

The following roundup of state disease reports was reported by the Equine Disease Communication Center.

Massachusetts WNV

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has confirmed a case of West Nile virus in a horse in Hampshire County. The horse was euthanized. For more information go to

Wyoming and Colorado EIA

On Friday, August 25, the Wyoming Livestock Board was notified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture that a horse which tested positive in Colorado for equine infectious anemia (EIA) had been moved to Sweetwater County in Wyoming. While the horse was tested in Colorado, it was shipped prior to test results being reported and without an Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. The horse was returned to Colorado, and subsequently Wyoming has quarantined 41 exposed equine on the premise where the horse had been prior to going back to Colorado. The horses exposed to the positive Colorado horse for six days and were tested initially on August 30 and will be tested again 60 days later. Another two exposed horses from the Colorado premises were shipped to Lincoln County with a negative EIA test. They will remain under quarantine and re-tested at 60 days. None of these are racehorses.

Arizona WNV

On August 23, 2018, the Arizona Department of Agriculture confirmed West Nile virus (WNV) in one horse in Maricopa County. On August 17,  the 18-month-old filly had an acute onset of neurologic signs. The filly had moved with other horses from Wyoming on August 14, 2018. No other horses on the property are showing signs, and this horse is responding to treatment. On August 24, a second case of WNV was confirmed in an 18-month-old Quarter Horse in Maricopa County. The gelding had acute onset of neurologic signs. No other horses on the property are showing signs, and this horse is responding to treatment. These are the first and second WNV cases this year in Arizona.

Iowa WNV

The Iowa State Veterinarian confirmed West Nile virus in a 2-year-old Quarter Horse at a private facility in Polk County. On August 23, the filly was febrile and ataxic on initial examination, and she was euthanized on August 25.

Ohio WNV

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has confirmed two cases of West Nile virus. An unvaccinated, 4-year-old Standardbred gelding at a private facility in Tuscarawas County presented with a fever of 103 degrees F on August 15. A serum sample was collected that day and was positive for IgM antibody by capture ELISA assay. The horse appeared clinically healthy as of August 24 after receiving supportive treatment and care. An unvaccinated, 8-year-old Halflinger gelding in Medina County presented on August 19 with clinical signs, including a temperature of 103.7 degrees F, a stiff and stilted gait, inability or reluctance to move, tremors over his shoulders and neck, lip droop and twitching, and hyperesthesia to touch and noise. The horse appeared to be recovering as of August 23 after supportive treatment and care.

Virginia EEE

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services confirmed of Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) in an American Quarter Horse stabled in Chesapeake. The horse had an incomplete vaccination history and was euthanized due to its illness. This is the second case of EEE in Virginia in 2018. For more information go to:

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