Seventh Tex Cauthen / Hans Albrecht Farrier / Veterinarian / Researcher Seminar Scheduled for January 22

The seventh Tex Cauthen / Hans Albrecht Farrier / Veterinarian / Researcher Seminar takes place on January 22

The Seventh Tex Cauthen / Hans Albrecht Farrier / Veterinarian / Researcher Seminar will be held Sunday, January 22nd, 2023, live and via Zoom from the Gluck Equine Research Center Auditorium. 

The guests of honor are Doug, Kerry and Steve Cauthen and Mrs. Vicki Albrecht. The organizing committee is chaired by Mr. Steve Norman and includes Dr. Dan Howe, Prof. Scott D. Stanley, Mr. Steve Stanley, Dr. Pedro De Pedro, Dr. Rob Holland, Dr. Fernanda Camargo, Mr. Sandy Hawley, Mr. Duane Raglin and Dr. Thomas Tobin. 

The seminar begins with a welcome to the Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center from our interim Director, Dr. Dan Howe. Dr. Robert Holland, DVM, PhD, moderates the morning session on motion sensor technologies and optimizing safety for horse and rider. Dr. Scott Palmer, Equine Medical Director, New York State Gaming Commission, first overviews equine safety matters. Next, Dr. Jamie Wearn reports on Equinosis-based gait symmetry analysis and its application on behalf of Racing Victoria, followed by presentations from Dr. Rhodes Bell on Equinosis data collected from racing horses. 

We then have an update from Dr. David Lambert on the application of accelerometer data from racing Thoroughbreds. Following the morning coffee break, Prof. Thilo Pfau and Dr. Michelle Nihei and Dr. Ferrin Peterson present researcher, trainer and jockey perspectives on critical hoof/surface factors affecting equine safety. The morning program then closes with a round table discussion moderated by Dr. Robert Holland, with Dr. Palmer, Dr. Wearn, Prof. Keegan, Dr. Bell, Dr. Lambert, Dr. Nihei, Prof. Pfau, Dr. Petersen, Mr. Sandy Hawley, Mr. Steve Stanley, and Mr. Tom Curl as discussants. Lunch in the Gluck Equine Research Center follows, most generously hosted by Mr. Doug Watkins and Breeder’s Farrier Supply of Lexington.  

The afternoon session focuses on hoof/surface interactions and optimizing equine safety, chaired by Professor Scott D. Stanley of The Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center. The opening presentation is on horseshoe geometry and hoof function by Distinguished Professor Susan Stover of the University of California, Davis. The focus then switches to South America, with a presentation by Dr. Divagno Barcelos on shoeing strategies to minimize injury rates. Continuing this safety focus, Mr. Ian McKinlay presents on shoeing strategies to keep horses in symmetry and safe.

Then, following the afternoon coffee break, Dr. Adam Pendleton reviews the role of toe grabs in racing horses followed by presentations from Mr. Steve Stanley and Mr. Mitch Taylor on farrier contributions to equine safety. The final afternoon presentation is on optimal hoof angle by Prof. Mike Savoldi, after which Mr. Thomas Trosin reports on interactions between the farrier profession and the Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authority. The day then closes with a round table discussion moderated by Professor Stanley with Dr. Stover, Mr. Mitch Taylor, Dr. Barcelos, Mr. McKinlay, Dr. Pendleton, Mr. Steve Stanley, Mr. Duane Raglin, Prof. Mike Savoldi, Mr. Thomas Trosin and Dr. Thomas Tobin as discussants.  

The registration link is available here.

The full videotaped seminar will be available on the Gluck Equine Research Center website and on the American Farriers Association Communications Committee’s internet newsletter/eblast. This event has been submitted for approval for 7.25 hours of Continuing Education Credits by the Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners for Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians and for 5.5 hours by the American Association of Professional Farriers AAPF).

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