First Star Expands Equipment Financing

First Star Capital has recently expanded its veterinary equipment financing division. The company announced recently that it has allocated a significant amount of funding to the veterinary equipment financing group and added some programs.

It has increased its application-only transaction limits to $150,000 for veterinary practices that have been established for more than two years. For new practices, the company has increased the limit to $100,000. The application-only program does not require financial statements or tax returns–so will fund up to $150,000 ($100,000 for newer practices) with just a credit application.

The company has also rolled out a working capital option. The working capital component can be included in any new equipment financing transaction and is designed to create additional liquidity for practices. The working capital component is designed to be used in conjunction with equipment financing and is limited to 25 percent of the tangible equipment. First Star Capital is an established national firm that has financed thousands of different businesses across the country and has funded hundreds of millions of dollars worth of capital equipment. For information, visit

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