TAHC Now Offers Electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection

The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) now offers electronic certificates of veterinary inspection (eCVI). The eCVI is available on the TAHC website at http://www.tahc.state.tx.us/apps/ecvi/login.php.

Benefits of eCVI’s include the following:

  • 24 hour availability
  • Automatic forwarding of eCVI to TAHC and state of destination
  • Automatic compliance with federal requirements to forward copy of interstate certificate of Veterinary inspection to destination states within seven days of issuance
  • Improved legibility
  • Allows entry or importation of multiple identification numbers (official and unofficial)
  • Ability to import eCVI information to excel spreadsheet
  • Saves time and cost by eliminating need to mail certificates

The TAHC continues to offer paper certificates of veterinary inspection for the same price as the electronic version. Each certificate cost seven dollars.

“We are proud to offer the online service for our Texas veterinarians,” said Dr. Schwartz, Assistant Executive Director for Epidemiology & Lab Systems. “This new system is proving to be a time efficient and accurate method for producing health certificates. We hope veterinarians find the eCVI to be a valuable tool and service.”

Veterinarians may purchase electronic or paper certificates of veterinary inspection on the TAHC website at http://www.tahc.state.tx.us/apps/ecvi/login.php or call 800-550-8242 ext: 788.

The TAHC is one of the oldest state regulatory agencies, founded in 1893 with a mission to combat the fever ticks that plagued the Texas cattle industry. Today, the agency works to protect the health of all Texas livestock including: cattle, equine, sheep, goats, swine, poultry, exotic livestock and fowl.

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