Tracebacks Completed for Belmont Park EHV-1 Quarantine

No new horses with EHV-1 have been found in horses exposed at Belmont Park.

Traceback from Barn 10 at Belmont Park has found no new cases of EHV-1. Google maps

The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets stated that exposed horses in Barn 10 at Belmont Park continue to be quarantined and closely monitored by trainers, veterinarians and track officials. Those horses continue to be afebrile and asymptomatic. 

New York Racing Association and state animal health officials traced all horses potentially exposed in Barn 10, going back to February 1. All potentially exposed horses were located and animal health officials in the receiving states were notified. 

To date, none of the horses traced from Barn 10 are known to have exhibited signs of EHV-1.

This information was provided by the Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC), which works to protect horses and the horse industry from the threat of infectious diseases in North America. 

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