Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Update through May 14, 2020
Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) continues to spread in 2020.


Since the last vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) situation report from the USDA/APHIS Veterinary Services group on May 7, there have been four new VSV-affected premises identified (three confirmed positive and one suspect) in two states. 

Updates are as follows: 

Arizona (no new positive premises) 

  • Since the last situation report, 2 premises have been released from quarantine – 1 in Cochise County and 1 in Pinal County. 

New Mexico (2 new confirmed positive, 1 new suspect premises) 

  • De Baca County – 1 new confirmed positive equine premises 
  • Dona Ana County – 1 new confirmed positive equine premises 
  • Sierra County – 1 new suspect equine premises
  • Since the last situation report, seven premises have been released from quarantine – 3 in Dona Ana County, 1 in Eddy County, and 3 in Sierra County. 

Texas (1 new confirmed positive premises) 

  • Zapata County – 1 new confirmed positive equine premises

2020 VSV Outbreak Summary

The 2020 VSV outbreak began on April 13, 2020, when the National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) in Ames, Iowa, confirmed the first VSV-positive premises in Dona Ana County, New Mexico. 

Arizona and Texas subsequently broke with VSV cases, which were confirmed by NVSL on April 22, 2020 (Cochise County, Arizona) and April 23, 2020 (Starr County, Texas). 

Since the start of the outbreak, 27 VSV-affected premises have been identified (24 confirmed positive, 3 suspect). Twenty-four of these premises had only equine species clinically affected and 3 premises had clinically affected cattle (Starr and Zapata Counties, Texas). 

Arizona has identified 5 affected premises (5 confirmed positive, 0 suspect) in 4 counties (Cochise, Gila, Pima, and Pinal Counties). 

New Mexico has identified 15 affected premises (12 confirmed positive, 3 suspect) in 6 counties (Bernalillo, De Baca, Dona Ana, Eddy, Grant and Sierra Counties). 

Texas has identified seven affected premises (7 confirmed positive, 0 suspect) in 3 counties (El Paso, Starr, and Zapata Counties). 

There have been a total of nine previously VSV-infected or -suspect premises that have completed the quarantine period and been released. Eighteen (18) premises remain under VSV quarantine. 

For more information visit the May 14, 2020, Situation Report.

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